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We know our students will become adults in a world radically different from the one in which many of us grew up. Their lives will be full of surprises, demanding dexterity and perseverance. In our minds, there is no greater responsibility to our children than to prepare them for this unpredictable future. So, just what skills will be most valuable to future employers and professions? Turns out, WMS has been teaching them for the past 50+ years. Click here to read more.




We once again thank you all of you who have given to the 2016-17 WMS Annual Fund. Some of you have asked if it’s too late to give. You will be delighted to hear that it’s *not* too late to give! In fact, our fiscal year ends on June 30, 2017, so there’s plenty of time. You may even make your gift online.


Washington Montessori School is an engaging and substantive academic environment supported by a deeply-rooted and diverse community of families and educators. Our students learn to recognize their individual and collective potential, develop thoughtful approaches to learning, and choose paths to responsible and fulfilling lives. Read our entire Statement of Purpose



We’ve compiled this list of Montessori-related media as a resource for both current and prospective families seeking to learn more about the Montessori Method. See the list.

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Registration for Summer Camps at Washington Montessori School is now open. Click here for camp descriptions and to register.


Congratulations to our 8th-graders who presented their Expert Projects Wednesday night. This year's topics include Science of Photography, PTSD, Fear and Phobias, Anxiety, Search for Extraterrestrial Life, The Origins of Language, The Science of Political Identity, Sports and Competition, The History and Science of the Automobile, The Placebo Effect, Sickle-Cell Anemia, The Science of Personality, Cloning, Sleep and Dreams, Artificial Intelligence, Psychopaths, Special and General Relativity, Hearing and Addiction. Click here for more information on the Expert Project.



We believe there is no better way to understand the Montessori difference than to experience it yourself—even if you’re just curious. To this end, we invite you to join us for one of our Walk-In Wednesdays or to schedule a visit of our campus. Our students will give you a tour of the building and our teachers will invite you in to the classrooms for observation. For a preview, visit our "At a Glance" page.

Mornings work best for observing the children at work, but we’re flexible and happy to work around your schedule. Please contact Laura Martin, Assistant Head for School Advancement at lmartin@washingtonmontessori.org or 860-868-0551 to set up a visit.