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As we celebrate our 50th year at WMS, we are proud of how far we’ve come as a school—from our modest beginnings in a church basement to a modern facility on a spacious campus, from a small nursery school to an accomplished program for children up to 8th grade. It’s a changing world, and we’ve embraced it. It is, indeed, an extraordinary moment for our school and our community.  Children who graduate from Washington Montessori School are confident, resilient, collaborative and compassionate.  We encourage our students to become captains of their own destinies with a sense of responsibility toward others and the world.

We have a strategic vision to launch the next 50 years at WMS.  We will dramatically expand and enhance our grounds with the creation of the WMS Sports Complex and new eco-friendly playground equipment designed to complement our beautiful campus.  We will blend more of the latest technological advances in education into our curriculum.  We will provide more financial aid money to families who could otherwise not attend WMS.  We will provide our teachers with the latest professional development opportunities in education.  And finally, we will place 5% of all 50th Anniversary Campaign gifts into a reserve fund for the future financial sustainability of WMS.  Please join us in giving to the 50th Anniversary Campaign and become part of the next 50 years of WMS.

WMS made a bold leap into the future 10 years ago when the school built a new campus. Our 57,000 square foot building set on 48 acres has truly become a wonderful permanent home for our school. In these ten years we have made small enhancements both inside and outdoors. Our sports programs have grown and we want to improve and expand our outside sports facilities (primarily fields and new tennis courts) both for in- and after-school programs. We also wish to tranform the play areas into natural playgrounds.

TENNIS COURTS  Overlooking the new WMS Field, the 4 new tennis courts will allow our tennis team the opportunity to practice and play games at home. All WMS students will benefit from this project as weintroduce racket sports in PE.

PLAYING FIELD  The centerpiece of the WMS Sports Park is the new Playing Field, which will enhance both our athletic and physical education programs. With this additional field, athletic teams will have more practice space as well as the opportunity to host more than one home game at a time. The field will provide valuable outdoor space for PE classes, afterschool programs and summer camps.

The new Natural Playground will take advantage of the beauty of our campus and offer intriguing play and learning opportunities for all of our students-from 18 months to 8th grade. Studies show that children who play on natural playgrounds tend to be more active than those who play on traditional playgrounds with metal and brightly colored equipment. Other benefits of natural playgrounds include their inherent saftey features and their longevity versus traditional playground equipment.


A school is only as strong as its teachers, and the quality of the teaching staff defines a child’s educational experience. Attracting and retaining high-caliber, experienced educators by offering competitive salaries and benefits to our faculty is a top priority for Washington Montessori School. Teachers are the inspiration that make learning happen every day in every classroom. Professionals who are excited and engaged in their own learning process translate that enthusiasm to their students. Enriching the classroom environment and supporting faculty professional development remain among our highest priorities. Through the 50th Anniversary Campaign we will invest in our teachers with salary increases and professional development training.

Attracting a greater and more diverse range of talented students is one of Washington Montessori School’s most ambitious strategic priorities. In so doing we will continue to shape a community of learners who will benefit most from our Montessori mission by preparing them to become leaders in an increasingly global world. We must ensure that a family’s financial constraints do not keep qualified children from applying to WMS. Increased funding for financial aid will ensure that all students can benefit from the full range of educational and co-curricular opportunities that define the WMS experience.

Advances in technology have created exciting opportunities for education. WMS has incorporated new ideas after careful consideration. We are poised to take further steps to use technology to enhance our education for older students by teaching coding skills and robotics. Funds will also be dedicated to teaching teachers and students how to use new technology.

5% of all gifts will go into a WMS Reserve Fund to ensure the financial security of WMS for another 50 years.