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The Parent Earth Team is dedicated to building a healthy awareness of our environment, throughout the entire WMS community by enhancing classroom education with first-hand experiences like the annual “Recycle Ornament Workshop” Earth Day celebration, providing volunteers to support garden science initiatives are among the projects that have evolved from the Parent Earth Team.

Scope of Work — Volunteers

  • Commit to helping with at least one of the Earth Team organized projects (Fall Family Garden Event, Recycle Ornament Workshop, Earth Day activity).
  • Recruit and organize volunteers to support Garden initiatives developed by MS teachers and Nora.

Scope of Work — Chair and Co-Chair

  • Work with Nora and the MS teachers to provide volunteers to implement projects in the garden that will support their MS curriculum.
  • Plan and implement an Earth Day activity, under the guidance of Nora.
  • Plan and implement the “Recycle Ornament Workshop” during the holiday season, with consideration to the WMS Master Calendar.
  • Organize volunteers for each project.
  • Keep track of the Earth Team budget and submit all expense receipts to PA Treasurer in a timely fashion. The PA Chair must approve any large expenditure.

Key Dates

  • Fall family “hands-on” garden event – October
  • Holiday workshop prior to the December break
  • Earth Day activity in April

Additional Information/Discussion points

-A volunteer needed to coordinate parent volunteers with Nora’s Calendar

-Seeking Co-Chair