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Ski Race Team vs Rumsey and Indian Mountain:  Wednesday, Feb 11, 2015
The Ski Race Team had their third race of the season.  Individually each skier demonstrated improvement with their technique which resulted in faster times.  The racers are always encouraging and supportive of one another, showing camaraderie as a team.  It is wonderful to see our veteran racers challenge the top times, while our newer racers continue to show growth with their skiing and results.  The team enjoys the races and their positive and enthusiastic energy are so apparent.

JV Basketball vs Rumsey: Wednesday, Feb 11, 2015
The JV squad has improved their skills throughout this season.  This was evident in their game against Rumsey.  Although the team had many turnovers in the beginning of the game, they pressed on, demonstrating their ability to maintain focus on the game and stay positive to the end.  Down by ten points at half time, the team climbed back into the game. Each team member played tenacious defense and we were able to close the gap to within four points. Erik continues to be impressed with the team’s effort, growth, and enthusiasm.  The score ended at 12 – 16

Girls’ Varsity Basketball vs Rumsey:  Thursday, Feb 12, 2015
The Girls’ Varsity Basketball team had a terrific game against Rumsey Hall’s Varsity A team.  Although the Rumsey players were more physically developed and older than our team, we gave them a good challenge and played our best game to date.  The final score does not reflect the intensity of the game.  Our team played with confidence, skill, and enthusiasm.  Regardless of the ending score, each individual left the court feeling accomplished and proud of their play.  It was an exciting game and wonderful to see how far the team has progressed with ball movement, defensive positioning, offensive space, and shooting.  Excellent effort and awesome game.  Final score:  21-41

Boys’ Varsity Basketball vs Rumsey:  Thursday, Feb 12, 2015
The Boys’ Varsity played a challenging game against Rumsey Hall.  The players held a close score through the first quarter then had trouble rebounding and finishing shots.  As always, the team’s ability to maintain their focus and play hard to the end of the game is admirable.  The team’s defensive play was impressive as they made Rumsey work hard for each point.  Although it was not the best game for the team, they came away feeling positive about their hard work and supported of each other throughout the game.




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