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On Monday, December 15, the WMS Boys Varsity Basketball team played its first game of the season versus Duchess Day School. The season got going very fast, and the boys had just two days of practice before boarding the bus for their first game. The long ride gave them time to go over plays that we had not run in practice. It is not always easy to translate strategies on paper to game play, so it was impressive to see the work from the bus show up on the court. WMS took the early lead in the first quarter, the guards moved the ball very fast to the basket. The players had good shooting from both the outside, including a three pointer, and down low in the paint. Everybody was reminded that the eight minute quarters disappear in the blink of an eye.
With a comfortable lead at the half, the boys realized that it was time to hold the score. The change in pace was more difficult than anticipated. Although we held the lead throughout the game, the turnovers mounted with the slowed pace of the game. Not losing the ball to turnovers due to rushed shooting and blind passes will be a good focus as the season progresses. It was terrific game overall, and there was a nice balance of playing time for all the players. They did a wonderful job supporting each other and demonstrating solid sportsmanship. Excellent first show boys! Final score: WMS 28-13

The JV Basketball team had their first game of the season versus Dutchess Day on Monday, in front of a terrific cheering crowd. With a large team and great enthusiasm, it took some time for the players to settle into the game. Dutchess Day got an early lead; however, once WMS found their rhythm the game was nicely balanced. The players used space well and had excellent defensive positioning and play. Their offensive skills will be an area of focus; however, they demonstrated solid understanding of concepts and had good ball movement. Every player worked hard, and carried very positive energy throughout the game. Erik and Troy were pleased with the first game and look forward to seeing significant individual and team growth over the course of the season. Final score: 12-20


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