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The Girls’ Varsity basketball team finished the season last week with two wins, leaving the team with an undefeated record.  On Monday, we faced Rudolf Steiner at home. Knowing the Steiner team was younger and less experienced than ours, we focused on running plays, playing smart defense and getting the ball to teammates who hadn’t scored much or at all this season. It was wonderful to watch the more experienced girls on our team work to move the ball to our newer players. It was inspiring to watch the entire team celebrate when one of our girls made her first basket ever! On Wednesday, we played our last game of the season against Rumsey on their home court. Though we had easily defeated the Rumsey team earlier in season, our girls went into the first half nervous. Their nerves got the best of them early on in the game with Rumsey sinking two shots back to back. Our girls regrouped, picked up the intensity and ended the first half sinking 6 baskets and three free throws.  Unfortunately the Rumsey team was unable to find the net for the rest of the game, but their lack of scoring does not reflect the competitive spirit of the game. Our girls worked extremely well as a team, making smart passes and waiting for open shots.

Throughout the season, the girls really bonded and came together ​ as a strong team. They worked as individuals to improve their skills, but more importantly they advanced and found success as a team. We are sad to say good-bye to our three eighth-graders, Anjavie, Aseah and Leigh, but we are excited to continue next year with six returning players.

See photos from the girls varsity season on Flickr.


This week the Boys’ Varsity played Rudolf Steiner which proved again to be an exciting game that came down to the final seconds. After coming from behind, WMS was able to tie up the game in the fourth quarter. With five seconds on the clock, Rudolf Steiner inbounded the ball, which was stolen by WMS at half court. With the fans going wild and everyone in the gym screaming with excitement, the ref was unable to hear Coach Erik calling timeout. The ball was then stolen back by Steiner. They were able to sink a final basket at the buzzer to win the game. Both teams played a great game; both winners and losers should have been proud.  The WMS team played with more patience and determination, moving the ball to the wings and looking for the hole or shot. As our last home game of the season this was certainly an exciting game and a highlight of the season for the team.

On Wednesday WMS came out on top with well-played game against Rumsey Hall. The Bears lead the whole game, and they continued to go for the outside shot as their first option. However, overall in this game they passed more which resulted in easier baskets.

The will play their final game of the season this Thursday at Dutchess Day.


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