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JV Basketball vs Chase Collegiate:  January 28, 2015
The JV Basketball team had a challenging game versus Chase Collegiate on Wednesday.  Once again, our players played with a great deal of energy and focus. Their attitude is impressive and they never give up on themselves, the team, or the game.  Unfortunately, the score does not reflect the team’s tight defense, as most points were scored underneath the basket. Both Erik and Troy continue to see improvements with ball handling, passing, creating more shooting opportunities, and taking actual shots.
The team, and all WMS players, would like to give a huge thank you to Coach Troy and wish him well as he heads off to Spring Training! Go Houston Astros!

Girls’ Varsity vs Chase Collegiate:  January 28, 2015
The Girls’ Varsity had a terrific game against Chase on Wednesday.  Although the first half was flat on the team’s part, they took control of the game during the second half.  The team continues to improve their passing, spacing, and skills with every game.  Particularly apparent in Wednesday’s game was the team’s willingness to step to stop the ball defensively, supporting their teammates.  The girls had numerous shots and distributed the ball well to the open players.  Mandy and Theo continue to be impressed with the team’s growth and improvement.  Final score: 29-22

Boys’ Varsity vs Chase Collegiate:  January 28, 2015
Wednesday the Boys’ Varsity played a challenging game against Chase Collegiate.  The game was sandwiched between the 8th grade play’s afternoon and evening performances which may have contributed to the team playing flat in the first half.  It took players time to make crisp passes and maintain possession.  Their momentum grew throughout the game as the players worked the perimeter and then began to find players inside to take shots.  The team is beginning to feel more comfortable transitioning from zone to man-to-man defense.  Overall, the team maintained their focus and strong effort despite a demanding day.  Final score:  32-41

Girls’ Varsity vs Rumsey Hall:  January 29, 2015
The Girls’ Varsity played a dominating game versus Rumsey Hall on Thursday.  WMS was a more experienced team and was able to take control of the game quickly.  As a result, the team focused on passing, positioning, and shooting.  Players were able to try new positions, and by the end of the game nearly every player had scored.  The main lesson of the game was to control the speed of the game, taking the time to set up and move the ball.  Players also realized how easy it is to play the opponent’s game and the importance of maintaining your own style and pace of play.  Final score:  27-6

Boys’ Varsity vs Rumsey Hall:  January 30, 2015
The Boy’s Varsity team played a challenging game against Rumsey Hall on Thursday.  The Rumsey team’s core players have played together for numerous years, which was evident in their connection and play with one another.  As a result, WMS was initially intimidated; however, the team found their confidence in the second half and rose to the challenge.  The final quarter of the game was impressive.  The boys shut down Rumsey’s offense, dominated the last quarter, and closed the point gap.  The team, and the coaches, left the court feeling confident and proud of their play.  Final score:  26-35


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