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JV Soccer vs Rudolf Steiner:  Oct 29
Thursday the jv soccer team played a wonderful rematch against Rudolph Steiner who had beaten WMS on their home field. Our team was determined to get the best of them on our turf. The field was a bit soggy from the previous day’s rain. This only seemed to cause some wet uniforms but no distraction in play. Our players scored first and never looked back. Our defense was absolutely impenetrable. The midfield did their jobs as well, putting the ball in play for the forward wings. What a great game with many spectators. Great job team!  Final score 4-0.

Cross Country Running @ Chase Invitational:  Oct 29
The championship atmosphere at the Chase Invitational kicked the Montessori striders into high gear. Over 200 runners would toe the line Wednesday evening, the smallest team among the masses were our Polar Bears. Despite the small size, our runners put in their best effort of the year on the flat and fast 2.19-mile course. For the girls, Stella looked strong right from the gun in only her second meet this season. She held on to 10th place, only 21 seconds out of 3rd. Lara has been making serious gains in the past two weeks and had her strongest showing at 24th place out of 90 runners in the girls race. The boys race was over 110 strong. Max took the early lead, rounding the first corner out front. Augie was strong throughout and pushed hard to finish in 9th, only 37 seconds out of the top three. Max faded from the initial lead and regrouped to finish 13th. The steadily-improving Coleman ran a smart race to place 35th. Philip surprised himself by finishing well inside the top half of the race. Jack, with a lingering illness, toughed it out to finish less than one minute behind Phillip. The boys team took an impressive 7th place out of ten teams. Stella, Max and Augie were awarded medals for their individual achievements.

Girls’ Varsity vs Rudolf Steiner:  Nov 2
The girls’ varsity soccer team played Rudolf Steiner on Monday, Nov 2. After a long bus ride, the girls worked hard on the field; however, were not able to find their rhythm. We dominated play yet were sloppy with passes, shots, and trapping the ball. With a constant rotation of our subs, each player came of the field feeling frustrated with their personal play. It was simply an “off” day for us collectively. With the larger Steiner field, we worked on our wing players staying wide and pushing the ball to the outside. We did have some moments where we did a nice job of switching the field and moving the ball. In the first half we were able to score indirectly due to the ball deflecting off a Steiner player and slipping through the hands of the goalie. Not our best soccer but always a fun bus ride with lots of singing. Final score: 1-0

Boys’ Varsity vs Dutchess Day:  Nov 2
The boys’ varsity played a good game against an evenly-matched Dutchess Day team on Monday. Our Bears came out strong right off the whistle and capitalized early with a beautifully-orchestrated team goal. Our central midfielder led the attack with a well-played pass to the outside midfielder who dribbled the ball down the sideline, making an excellent cross to one of our strikers, who scored with a beautiful header. We lost a little bit of our steam and allowed Dutchess Day to take control of the midfield where they attacked with numerous scoring opportunities in our 18 yard box. Our keeper, Jacob Bruck, fought hard making several saves all game, but allowed one by him in to end the first half. In the second half, Dutchess continued to control the midfield, and our defense worked extra hard to try and keep the ball up field. Dutchess did well scoring three more unanswered goals and taking control of the half. Our Bears did not give up and kept pushing forward. Their work payed off with another gorgeous team goal with five minutes remaining. This game was won in the midfield with DD controlling ball. Final score: 2-4

JV Soccer vs Dutchess Day:  Nov 2
Monday’s game against Dutchess Day began with both sides pushing hard to gain control of the midfield. Both keepers had some tense moments with shots that went just wide or off the crossbar. There was no doubt that all of the WMS players wanted to get onto the pitch so that they could score. Their excitement definitely drove the pace of the game. After Dutchess took the lead, our forwards pushed themselves to cover the field. Unfortunately, this left them a little run down. We just were not able to capitalize on our opportunities down field. The first half ended 1-0. At halftime we had a great team gathering with many of the kids giving constructive observations and suggestions. No one was done with this one. In the second half, Dutchess scored again. Despite WMS playing a great game, Dutchess was able to find the space that they needed to push in. With the WMS team down by two, I decided to let the team have some fun. I put players into positions that they would not normally play being the last game of the season for the jv team. The entire team worked hard to the end. Everyone enjoyed their playing time and at the final whistle, nobody could believe it was over. Final score:  0-4

Cross Country Running @ Rumsey Invitational:  Nov 4
The 2015 WMS cross country season finished where it started—on the 2.05-mile course at Rumsey Hall School. Experience on the course, plus goal times from the first event let the WMS runners excel. Every runner on the team was faster. The numbers speak for themselves; Augie went from 14:29 to 13:39, Max from 15:42 to 14:35, Coleman from 18:37 to 15:43, Phillip from 17:15 to 16:12, Jack from 18:35 to 17:25, Lara from 18:57 to 16:56. Stella from injured to 16:33.
From the first meet on Sept. 23 to the last meet on Nov. 4, the team met 13 times for practices or races. Improving an average of 42 seconds each day, they were over 9 minutes faster only a few short weeks later!

Cross country is a unique sport that blends individual and team performance. This fall, a small group of individuals formed into a team. Everyday was something different. We ran through tunnels, over boardwalks, up mountains, and down valleys. We learned lessons on nutrition, pacing, communication, teamwork, responsibility, and had fun along the way.

Boys’ Varsity vs Rumsey Hall:  Nov 5
Our boys’ varsity played their final soccer match against a strong Rumsey team on Thursday. Our eighth graders stepped up as leaders in their final WMS soccer game and led us to dominate the first half. The eighth were vocal, keeping our team in unison as we scored two unanswered goals before the close of the half. The team did an amazing job shutting out the half with excellent goalkeeping and defensive team work. We had two brilliant goals scored from counterattacks off our goalie’s punts. At half time we discussed the importance of the next goal, which would determine the momentum of the game. At that point Rumsey took control with high energy to the final whistle. Our Bears fought hard in a very challenging game and had a great attitude throughout the match, never giving up. A special thanks to our seven eighth-grade players for a wonderful season. We all wish them the best in the soccer and athletic pursuits in high school and beyond! Final score 2-4.

Girls’ Varsity vs Sherman:  Nov 5
The girls’ varsity team took on Sherman School for their final game of the season on Thursday.  The girls were a healthy combination of excited and nervous, as WMS had not played Sherman in several years due to previous imbalances in match-ups. The first quarter of the game, WMS took early control playing a settled game with lovely passes, crosses from deep in the field, and numerous opportunities to score. Unfortunately we were unable to place anything in the back of the net. Sherman played a man-to-man, tight defensive game which was intimidating for our team. By halftime we were down by one. At the half, the WMS girls were discouraged as it was the first time all season they had been behind. It was apparent the girls needed to change their attitudes and perspective from feeling defeated to digging deep to turn the game around in the second half. Although we were never able to regain control of our style of play, we settled for playing a wilder kick ball game. However, we were able to take advantage of a free kick to set up our striker to pop one past the goalie. The team exploded with cheer and energy. With all the eighth graders on the field, the final few minutes of the game were played with high spirits and grit, holding the game at a tie and ending the season undefeated.  Final score:  1-1

It was a terrific season for the girls’ varsity team who dominated throughout the season. With a couple of imbalanced games, they learned to win with grace and ended the season united as a team with a common goal. With numerous eighth graders on the team, we had strong leadership and a diverse group of experiences. Throughout the season, each player improved their individual skills while contributing to the make the team unbeatable both in skill and spirit. Thanks for a terrific season. We wish our eighth graders the best as they head to high school next fall.


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