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Running Team
The running team continues to use Pat’s Track and off-campus routes for running each week. Now that runners have a strong fitness and endurance base, we have begun interval and speed work.  One day last week we did quarter-mile relays with runners completing 8 quarter-miles by the end of the workout. The team also took on Jack Corner Road hill in interval fashion, running one telephone pole then walking one. Some runners took on the challenge of running the entire steep, long hill. At the top we continued an additional mile run with a nice visit and photo opportunity with some local cows. Check out the athletic webpage for photos.  One practice we were able to get off campus by bus to Mt. Tom where we covered about 2.5 miles before the heavy rains came and we headed back to WMS.  We had hoped to hike up to the tower but will have to return another day.  Other runs include the WMS cross country course, Valley View Road with telephone pole interval sprints, and Birch Hill Cul de Sac. Runners are all demonstrating significant individual improvement and continue to support and encourage each other as a team. We look forward to the final weeks of running with the team.

Outdoor Club
Our Outdoor Club enthusiasts have completed the “blind hike” plus hikes at the Pinnacle and Quartz Mine in Hidden Valley, the Tunnel at Steep Rock, and a terrific game of capture the flag on the WMS field.  In addition, Outdoor Club built a great trail for the running team that goes from the Outdoor Classroom to Couch Road, beautifully marked with yellow tape.  They are enjoying the warmer days of spring after a cold and icy start to the season.  All hikers enjoy each other’s company, telling stories, and adventuring together.  Check out photos on the athletic webpage.

With Spring on our doorstep, the WMS tennis team kicked off its first week of match play with a bang – achieving double wins: IMS 6-3 and Rumsey 5-4. While our Wooster match didn’t go our way, we are really proud of the team who came into (what was for many of them) their first match with the same great attitude and focus that they bring to practice every day.

The beginning of our season has been challenging: bad weather and cold temps leading to much time spent practicing indoors. We’ve done the best we can with our new indoor mini nets, foam balls, group games and LOTS of agility and speed work. Despite the fact that we have only been outside to practice three times, the kids continue to impress us with their patience and enthusiasm. They have worked very hard given the circumstances and it paid off at the matches.

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