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The tennis season ended with a BANG with the team playing three back to back matches against Dutchess Day, Rumsey and Chase. Our two final wins over Rumsey and Chase were an exclamation point at the end of an incredibly successful season for the WMS tennis team and each and every player should be commended for their efforts.

There were so many individual accomplishments over the past few months. At the beginning of the season our players set goals. For one brand new player, her goal was to play in her first match ever. For another more experienced player, his was to work on specifics, hitting consistent down-the-line approach shots. Others confidently chose new partners. Some tackled new skills, like generating power using shoulder rotation and upper thoracic mobility. Everyone worked diligently and accomplished what they set out to do and we are proud to say that they did it with grace and sportsmanship. It wasn’t an easy start  – with multiple weather conflicts – but the season’s trajectory was hugely positive.

We have had the privilege of interacting with your kids through the sport of tennis and it is VERY clear to us that our Montessori students have extremely high standards and good sportsmanship. A combination perhaps of the confidence they gain at our very special school and the values you all instill in them at home. We truly hope that they feel the joy that they deserve after all of their hard work this season.


Coach Jessica
Coaches Greg and Jeremy

The Running Team had a terrific season and enjoyed exploring local trails, off-campus loops, and workouts on Pat’s Track.  Nearly all our runners met their season goals and were a enthusiastic group to coach.  Each runner improved their endurance, often surprising themselves with their capabilities, and worked on their speed with interval workouts.  Throughout the season runners learned about the importance of hydration, good nutrition, proper breathing and pacing, and improved their running form and technique.  The team supported one another during each practice, encouraging each other to push through challenges and expand their perceived limits.  Theo, Nora and Dan enjoyed watching the process of the group as a whole, as well as each individual runner.  It was wonderful to see each runner find personal success.  We look forward to having many of the runners back with the team in the fall and / or next spring.

Coaches Theo, Nora and Dan

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