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Girls Varsity vs Indian Mountain:  10.22.14
The girls jumped right into our game with Indian Mountain despite the cold and wet weather. Welcome to the second half of the season for soccer in New England. This kind of weather brings a whole new dynamic to the game. You stop thinking so much about the field and start internalizing. “Holy cow I’m wet and cold” becomes the thought instead of “holy cow there’s a big open space over there that I need to fill.” The girls from Indian Mountain caught the WMS girls off guard early by holding their defensive line at the midfield. This resulted in a couple of offside calls against our girls. Soon, we realized on offense they have to hold the line. The strategy became a fatal flaw for Indian Mountain.  A passing shot or quick dribble around the last defender left an open midfield.  In some cases leading to a four-on-one against the IMS goalie. After a healthy lead, players rotated positions. This gave our defenders a chance to run, get their blood flowing, and take some shots on goal. Throughout the game the girls demonstrated wonderful passing and crossing through the box. Special thanks to our keeper, Livia, who played her second terrific game of the week. It is not easy to stand in one place for an hour when you are cold and wet.  Final score:  7-1

Girls’ Varsity Soccer vs Rudolf Steiner:  10.20.14
Monday was a perfect day for playing soccer; crisp cool weather, no direct sun, and leaves gently falling from the trees. What a day for the girls’ varsity team to have its first home game of the season. The girls have come together as a team and settled into their play. They came out onto the pitch with their heads in the game. You could feel the energy in them and their desire to be out on that field playing.  It was fabulous. This was our second game against Rudolph Steiner and they consistently proved to be a perfect match for WMS. Our first game ended in a one-one tie.   With the confidence of the home-field advantage, and half a season of playing as a team, the WMS girls were a force to be reckoned with.   Rudolph Steiner began the game with possession. Our defense quickly shut them down, dished the ball out to our wings, and moved up field. Our passing was intentional, precise and beautiful.  This proved to be our rhythm throughout the game. The girls moved throughout the entire field, leaving space for their teammates and filling holes where needed. They did a particularly good job pushing the ball wide and moving it up the sidelines before crossing to the center to finish.  It was gorgeous soccer.  The girls played a relaxed and composed game, and once they found their rhythm the score mounted.  An outstanding performance today girls!  Mark and Mandy thank you very much for that.  Big kudos to the Rudolph Steiner keeper for holding up against such teamwork.  Final score 7-1.

Boys’ Varsity vs Indian Mountain:  10.22
On Wednesday our varsity boys’ soccer team played a courageous match against Indian Mountain School.  Our Polar Bears took the field with a man down for the entire 70 minutes against the 25 player IMS roster.  They played their hearts out!  The boys came out flat in the first half giving up four early goals, but managed to put one in before the half ended. As a team, we regrouped and regained the confidence we needed.  The team fought back by keeping ball possession in IMS’s half of the field, excellent communication, and passing. We scored two more goals, and had numerous opportunities through to the final whistle. Although we fell short 4-3 in the end, Greg and Diego were very proud of the team’s efforts in the second half. This was a learning experience for our players individually and as a team, and another example of a score not telling the story of the game.  The energy, enthusiasm, camaraderie and spirit the team brought to the field, and how they were able to pull themselves up from being down, was remarkable.  Well done team.  Final score: 3-4

Cross Country at Chase Collegiate Invitational: 10.23.14
Washington Montessori competed in their 3rd cross country meet this past Thursday, October 23rd, at Chase Collegiate Academy in Waterbury. Eight other Connecticut schools were also in attendance for the mid-fall invitational. It was a raw, damp afternoon, and the field was loaded with plenty of mud puddles and watery trenches. In other words: it was a true cross country meet. The spectator friendly course gave the coaches plenty of opportunities to cheer on and encourage our runners. Unlike our other two meets, the girls and boys ran in separate heats, giving the Polar Bears a chance to compete against their respective sexes.The girls raced first, and all six of our runners improved their individual paces. With the 4th -7th spots running extremely close, WMS placed an impressive 6th out of ten teams, with one of our girls placing 7th overall. The boys knew from the start that they weren’t going to be able to score as a team with only four male runners in attendance, but this didn’t seem to dissuade them as they took their place at the starting line amid enthusiastic cheering from the girls. Out of a total of 91 runners, the boys took the 13th, 39th, and 54th spots, with the fourth runner dropping out with an injury. Once again, team spirit, grit, and good sportsmanship were the most impressive spectacles of the afternoon.
Results are attached.

South Kent Prep Soccer Team Clinic: 10.23.14
A huge thank you to the South Kent Prep Soccer team for coming and giving a clinic to all our soccer players.  Everyone was inspired by their talents, energy and passion for the sport.  Working as individuals and in small groups, each player had a positive experience and learned a lot. See photos from the clinic.



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