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JV Boys vs Dutchess Day
Our JV Polar Bears played their last game of the season against Dutchess Day on Monday. It was an exciting back and forth battle where all of our players contributed.  Throughout this season we focused on basketball fundamentals, individually and as a team.  This was particularly evident during this game. Our Bears showed great improvement all season long and worked hard in this last game. We did fall short, but only by three points.  The outcome came down to a last buzzer three-point shot that nearly went in. It was an exciting finish and our players stayed positive, right to the end!  Final Score:  22-25

The JV Boys’ record is not a good reflection of the overall success of the team this season . Each game was a positive learning experience. Every player, from experienced to beginner, gained a lot of knowledge about basketball, particularly technical individual ball development, as well as team strategy. We were pleased to see so many players join the team, are proud of our players and look forward to their return next winter.

Boy’s Varsity vs Dutchess Day
The Boys’ Varsity played a dominating game against Dutchess Day for their final game on Thursday.  The WMS team showed crisp, accurate passing, ball handling and shooting.  As the score widened in our favor, the team collectively pulled back and demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship.

The Boys’ Varsity team demonstrated impressive growth throughout the season.  Players improved their individual skills and learned the importance of team play, support and camaraderie.  The skills each individual brought to the team were recognized and appreciated, creating strength as a whole.  The eighth graders provided wonderful leadership to the younger players and will be missed next year.  One of the lessons the team learned was being aware of the energy they brought to each game.  This showed itself as they faced opponents twice and were able to win games that were lost during the first matchup.  We all learned that this was primarily due to the energy and attitude they brought to the court. Overall, the boys had a fabulous season,  demonstrating their strong team and terrific fundamental skills.

Parent – Son Game
WMS hosted a terrific parent / son game on Wednesday with both JV and Varsity Boys’ teams taking on their parents.  The boys gave the parents a good challenge, coming out on top with a final score of 215-208.  The spirit of the game reflected both teams’ positive play and camaraderie.  The boys worked hard, drove to the basket, and showed excellent ball movement.  This high scoring game demonstrated the confidence the players  had to take shots and sink a few.  Thanks to all the parents who played.  It was a wonderful game and a fun way to celebrate a fantastic season.




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