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Our WMS boys’ varsity soccer team finished the season with a game on our home field against Rumsey Hall. Our eleven Polar Bears fought hard in a very evenly matched game from the kick-off to the final whistle. With no substitutes, our boys kept a very positive attitude and put their hearts out on the field. Rumsey came out strong early on, and scored two goals within the first ten minutes of play. Once we collected ourselves, we showed our determination and had multiple scoring opportunities on some beautifully orchestrated counter attacks. WMS moved the ball well from the outside midfielders to the center attackers. Rumsey scored their third goal off a skipper on a cross to make it 3-0, but our Bears never gave up hope. We came out immediately after that goal and scored to put us within two goals before the half. We regrouped at halftime and came out energized. Our players quickly took control of the game early in the second half and pieced together two beautiful goals with everyone contributing. Now tied, we kept working in the midfield to gain control of the ball, and stepped up our efforts defensively by working to keep the ball to the outside of the 18 yard box. Rumsey pushed hard and generated three more unanswered goals before the final whistle.  Final score: WMS 3, Rumsey 6

I want to acknowledge our two goal keepers, Luke and Sam, for their courageous efforts in splitting the time in net for every game this season. As I have expressed to the team all season, we are a very young varsity team and faced a challenging schedule this year. They rose beyond this challenge and have grown and learned so much about themselves and the game of soccer. I am very proud of the courage they have all shown and the positive attitudes they have kept each practice and game. It was a learning season and I look forward to their growth and return next fall!  Coach Greg


The girls’ varsity soccer team played their final game against Rudolf Steiner School finishing with an undefeated season. Although not our most beautiful soccer, the team worked well together and were able to mix up their positioning. It took some patience for WMS to score their first goal near the end of the first half; however, once they put one in, the flood gates opened and they quickly put in three more. At the half the score was 4-0. In the second half players took on different positions and enjoyed the challenge and new field perspective. The team pulled together their resources to get one eighth-grader to meet her goal of scoring this season. With some lovely through balls and opportunities she was able to put one in the back of the net. The entire team celebrated with her!  This is reflective of how well the team worked together throughout the season and, despite the variance in experience level, they rose each other up and improved both their individual and team play.  We had a strong group of eighth-graders this season who consistently took leadership of the team and supported those who were new to the field. All were encouraging, respectful, and always demonstrated terrific sportsmanship, and won with grace.  The girls’ varsity was honored to make history of the first season to use our new upper field and have thoroughly enjoyed the new space both for practices and games.  Final score:  WMS 7, Rudolf Steiner 0

Our boys’ varsity soccer team played a challenging game against a strong Rumsey Hall team. As I remind our boys before every match, we are a young team of mostly 6th years; and this season is a learning and growing experience. We started the match with 11 players, but lost two to injury in the first half. Even though Rumsey dominated the score line, our team took away many positives from this match. We have improved our field shape as a unit, and have gained a better understanding of each of our positions. Being down two players, the rest of the squad had to work harder to cover a lot of the field. Our players pressured every 50/50 ball, won many challenges, and showed excellent improvement in containing the attacking player through forcing the ball outside the 18 yard box. In the second half, we generated more attacking opportunities with nice passing and quick counter attacks down field, but struggled to find the back of the net. Our two keepers stayed positive as they faced numerous shots on goal and made countless saves. We play Rumsey Hall again next Wednesday to wrap up our season. We are very proud of this young team and look forward to building upon this season’s growth in the years ahead. Final score: WMS 0, Rumsey 6

The junior varsity soccer team traveled to Dutchess Day School and showed up to the game with great spirits. It was a beautiful fall day and just the kind of whether we needed to keep our spirits up. The WMS team was outmatched in soccer but our perseverance and determination was undeniable. We were able to score during the first half. This showed the team that it was possible to get back into the game. During the second half, as DD scored at will, it became apparent that we were not going to scrape our way back into contention. As usual with the students at WMS, our spirit never wavered. Giggles and smiles washed over the entire team. It was a joy to watch as a coach, and the parents in attendance conveyed the same positive feelings. The team demonstrated, once again, what it means to win and lose with grace, and that the score does not define a team.  It was wonderful to watch players move into positions that they had thought were just not for them, only to find out that they were more than capable. As always, I am very proud of this team.
Final score: WMS 1, Dutchess Day 11

The girls’ varsity team was honored to play the first game on our new field in the WMS Sports Park. It was a beautiful day and Sherman School was a terrific match up in our first game earlier in the season. The game began with a ceremonial run of both teams linked together across the field before the starting whistle. The first half WMS played their best soccer of the season. They used the width of the field to their advantage, played their short passing game, maintained their team shape, used the back pass wisely, and made several picturesque assists in front of the goal to end the first half 4-1. Although the second half became a little more of a long ball game, WMS maintained their focus, drive and solid communication as Sherman pushed hard to make a come back. We were able to mix up our positioning and the team felt the positive support from the sidelines and fans. Both teams enjoyed a terrific game and strong sportsmanship. A huge thanks to all who came out to support the team and this historical moment of the opening game of the WMS Sports Park. Final score: WMS 7, Sherman 2 See photos of this game on Flickr.

The junior varsity soccer team traveled to Great Barrington, MA to challenge Rudolph Steiner on their field. After a quick warm-up, our two captains of the day met with the referee. Upon winning the coin toss, they chose field position over ball possession. This put us in the shade during the hottest part of the day. WMS played a great first half. The team stayed in their assigned positions moving the ball over the mid line often. We scored the first goal of the game with a deep pass into the corner. Our player than weaved her way past two defenders and tucked the ball into the corner of the goal. We held the score until the beginning of the second half. We developed some holes in our defense.  RS went up by one. With tired legs we pushed forward. Regaining a tied score with ten minutes left to play, both team strived to get the winning goal. This was a very exciting and frankly nerve racking period. Rudolph Steiner proved to be a perfect match for our team. An exciting game and well played. Final Score: WMS 2, Rudolf Steiner 2


The boys’ varsity soccer team played another challenging game, but never gave up throughout the entire match. We have a younger team in comparison to many of our opponents, and I am very proud of our players and their hard work in each game. An older more experienced Rudolf Steiner was an even match-up early on in the first half. We came out strong and focused, pressuring every ball until Steiner found their rhythm. Unfortunately, we gave Steiner too much space with the ball as the half went on, and they capitalized. Our keeper was up to the challenge and faced numerous shots on goal. However, he kept the score line close at the half by only conceding two goals. In the second half we continued to fight in every 50/50 battle and started to piece together some good passing to create more opportunities on goal. Unfortunately, Steiner broke through our hard-working defense to score two more, before we could get on the board. Being down 4-0 didn’t phase our team as they stayed positive. They opened the field and kept their shape offensively, working the ball into Steiner’s box to score one back. The score line of 1-5 does not reflect how much these players are growing and developing as a team. They are a very positive group who work hard and are leaning a lot about the game. Keep up the good work! Final score: WMS 1, Rudolf Steiner 5

The girls’ varsity soccer team traveled to Rudolf Steiner on Monday. Both teams had a mix of experienced and newer players; however, Steiner had the challenge of playing all twenty-two players never allowing them to find their team chemistry and rhythm. As a result, WMS controlled the game early and dominated the play throughout the game. We worked to play a more settled passing game; however, had a difficult time linking together a significant number of passes as Steiner’s defense was tight.  WMS had some lovely through balls and passing in front of the goal leaving the score at half time at 5-0.  As a result, we mixed up our positioning and worked to set up some players up front who had not had the opportunity to play these positions. Scoring one more time, the team felt good about their play. The team is focused on their next game on Wednesday against a challenging Sherman School.  We hope to see our fans for our first home game on our new field on Wednesday.  Final score: WMS 6, Rudolf Steiner 0

Chase Collegiate hosted WMS for a co-ed varsity soccer game due to Chase not being able to field a full girls’ team this season.  With a mix of experienced and new players, WMS allowed Chase to dictate the style of play in the first half.  Both teams played a longer ball game with high energy and strong defense.  However, WMS capitalized on several opportunities on goal ending the first half at 3-0.  Some of our most beautiful passing and through balls were in front of the goal, setting one another up some some lovely finishes to put the ball in the back of the net.  The team made some positive observations and suggestions at halftime.  In the second half WMS was able to mix up field positions and players had opportunities to develop new perspectives of the field.  We played a more settled game and  dominate the play.  It was wonderful to see our new players taking on the challenge of their positions and asking excellent questions along the way, which lead to steep learning and a sense of accomplishment.  The team was supportive and enthusiastic throughout the game, and clearly enjoyed their time on the field regardless of the wet first quarter.  Thank you to all the WMS fans who were present and a special shout out to Jan Prenoveau for the cider and donuts at the end of the game.  Final score: WMS 4, Chase 0

The junior varsity soccer team played a home game vs Rumsey Hall, traditionally a very strong team. We have shared a great rivalry with them over the years. On Thursday, Rumsey visited our school with two buses full of soccer players making it particularly challenging for our team. We could not provide the fresh legs Rumsey was able to with 11 players on the field and substitutions. However, WMS embraced the situation and did not back down. During the first half we tried our best to keep on the attack. Unfortunately we went down 0-2. The second half we rearranged the squad to create a defensive blockade. As our team began to tire, we held the score as best we could. The outstanding performance of our keeper Maeren had the crowd on their feet and helped maintain our strong spirit on the field. The communication on the field was great and both teams played a clean game. Final score: WMS 0, Rumsey 4 View photos from this game on Flickr.

South Kent School Prep soccer team hosted WMS Middle School soccer players for a clinic on Monday, October 3.  SKS fields a team of international and domestic players who worked with small groups of WMS players.  WMS elevated their level of play as SKS players gave pointers and challenged their soccer skills.  All enjoyed their afternoon together.  A huge thank you to the SKS players and coaches who welcomed and inspired us all.

The team faced perennial Berkshire League powerhouses Shepaug and Litchfield in a tri-meet at Shepaug. The team was well-prepared for the flat and fast 1.6-mile course. The boys and girls ran separate scored events. Augie took the win, his second of the week, and a rapidly-improving Adam was only a few places behind.  The main chase pack of Coleman, Sammy and Cy pushed each other to their best efforts of the season. The girls race was a Montessori highlight reel. Stella cruised in for her first win of the season, with Lara taking a hard-fought second place. Julia, running with a nagging ankle twist, started strong and still had some kick at the end.  We are still awaiting team scores and times. Next up is IMS on October 19.

The boys’ varsity soccer team took the field in their first home game of the season against a well-matched Sherman Middle School. Even though the final score of the match looks lopsided, the match was anything but. Our young varsity team played with such courage and determination, leaving the pitch with their heads held high and proud of their efforts. From the opening whistle at kick off, our team demonstrated amazing work ethic. We unfortunately fell behind quickly from Sherman’s counter attack with long ball to a beautiful chip over our keeper by their lone striker. WMS stayed positive and pressed in every opportunity we could get. Throughout the first half, our long ball play continued to our offense and seemed to be the tone of the game both ways. Although both teams had opportunities, unfortunately Sherman was able to finish with goals in net then WMS. We regrouped at the half, and came out strong, dominating the second half. The positive cheering from our fans gave our players the energy needed to push forward. We continued with a long ball game and found the back of the net once, despite numerous scoring opportunities that began from the fullbacks up to our forwards. There are so many positives for this young team to take away from this match against an older Sherman team. The team learned a lot about the importance of a strong work ethic and positive sportsmanship.  We are very proud of these boys, and  thank all who came out to support us.  We look forward to our next match after Outdoor Ed. Final score: WMS 1, Sherman 4 View photos from this game on Flickr.

The girls varsity soccer team played an enthusiastic and impressive game against Sherman on Wednesday.  With exactly eleven players and no subs, the girls knew they were going to have to dig deep to maintain their energy.  We had a mix of experienced and new players and they all worked well together to support each other, communicate, and mesh as a team.  Although Sherman played a longer ball game, we were able to maintain our short passing, give-and-go, low ball game with consistent offensive pressure.  Sherman scored the first two goals on fast breaks; however, the girls stayed focused and determined, tying up the game by half time. We shared observations with each other and were back on the field to sink two more goals. Sherman is strong and came back to tie the game again. The energy was high and our eighth-graders took the lead to settle everyone and we got back to our own style of play and were able to score a final goal. The team had some incredibly lovely through balls and passing to create numerous opportunities and ball movement.  The new and experienced players enjoyed their experience and all were strong contributors to the team effort.  Final score:  WMS 5, Sherman 4


The Varsity Boys’ soccer team traveled up to Dutchess Day for their second match of the season. Our young and growing team took on an older and skilled Dutchess Day who proved a challenge for us. Our players stayed positive and held their heads high throughout the game. Early on, Dutchess dominated in our defensive end of the field and scored first. We learned a lot early and quickly adjusted to our strengths. Our boys focused on containing the Dutchess Day attackers and forced the ball out of our 18 to the outside halfbacks. We worked very hard and stayed focused throughout the first half which ended 0-4. We regrouped at half time and stayed positive going into the second half. We came out stronger, controlled the ball better, and created numerous goal scoring opportunities. On two fast counter attacks, we were able to string together a sequence of passes and beautiful through balls to score two goals early in the second half. We were very resilient after being down, but Dutchess fought back to secure their lead with three more goals to the end of the match. I am very proud of these boys and their positive attitude from the van ride there to the van ride home. They never gave up. We look forward to our home match against Sherman this Thursday. Final score: WMS 3, Dutchess Day 7

The WMS junior varsity soccer team played their first game of the season against Duchess Day School. Our team took the field with a enthusiastic attitude. We had lots of players who volunteered to play goalkeeper. The team found their positions and the game began. Dutchess began with possession, scoring quickly. Our defense worked hard but unfortunately we were not able to get the ball out of our own side of the field very often during the first half. Dutchess’s relentless offense had us down by five. With some repositioning during the second half we were able to slow the pace of the game a bit. A couple of hand penalties inside of the 18 yard line put us further behind. The WMS team didn’t let the score get them down. I was proud to see the kids continue to want to play and have fun on with the game. It was a great game and energy, especially for those of you who have never played before. Keep up the good work. View photos from this game on Flickr.

On Monday the cross country team traveled to Dutchess Day Academy to face a young but bountiful team. It was a co-ed scored meet so the boys and girls competed with/against each other.  We had considerable strength out in the front of the field, but the Dutchess Day runners had depth. Once the scores were tallied and double-checked, we had a tie! 29-29. View photos from the race on Flickr.


Our WMS boys’ varsity soccer team kicked off the season with a wonderful evenly-matched game against a challenging Indian Mountain squad. Before kick-off, we joined IMS in a celebration of “International Peace Day.” Our bears joined with IMS in a short 10-minute friendly match followed by a wonderful group picture. Our team started with a total of 11 players and, due to two injuries early on, we were down to 9 players for the remainder of the match. These boys played their hearts out for 60 minutes and moved the ball so well together as a team. They challenged every ball and counter-attacked with beautifully orchestrated passes that created wonderful goal-scoring opportunities. Defensively, we worked hard to get all our players back behind the ball and keeping it outside our goal area. Our two goal keepers, Luke and Nico, made some remarkable saves.

IMS struck first early on with a goal in the first 10 minutes. We answered back quickly with a goal 5 minutes later. Both teams had many opportunities up to the half. We regrouped, hydrated, and came out aggressive in the second half. It was back and fourth, then IMS capitalized with another goal to take the lead yet again. These boys never gave up and scored back again shortly after. It remained tied at 2 until the last 5 minutes and our Bears strung together a wonderful sequence of passes on a quick counter attack to score the third and final goal to seal the victory.

I am very proud of this group who showed amazing poise and positive determination throughout the entire match! It was a perfect match with wonderful respect and admiration on both sides. Congratulations boys. Final score: WMS 3, IMS 2  View photos from this game on Flickr.

The WMS girls’ varsity soccer team played their first game of the 2016 season versus Wooster. We welcomed all of the new and returning fans to this home game with a proud “1-2-3 Polar Bears!”

The veteran players returned to the pitch with ease. They helped their new teammates warm up and find their positions. During the unexpected absence of our head coach Theo, I was very happy to see the girls I have coached in the past on the JV team step into a leadership role. The team started strong. Short accurate passes by the starting front line earned us three quick goals. Subs were made and the ball found the back of the net one more time during the first half.

Without batting an eye the team began to pull back on their own. The leadership shown by the most experienced players was impressive, not only to me but to the referee as well. We called our team off during the second half—shortening up passes and returning the ball to our defensive field.

Wooster scored on a well-played direct kick from just outside of the 18. But this was their only goal of the day. Great way to start the season girls.
Final Score: WMS 5, Wooster 1.  View photos from this game on Flickr.

The cross country team competed in Taft’s annual Rhino Run for area middle school teams. 104 girls and 143 boys toed the line of the 1.5-mile course around the fields and campus of the Taft School. This was the first ever cross country meet for a majority of the squad. Julia, Adam, Cy, and Sammy tested their training and fitness and gained valuable racing experience that will serve them well in the busy season ahead. Our veteran runners Lara, Augie and Coleman embraced the early season test with Lara and Augie taking top honors for the team with 27th and 3rd respectively. View photos from this race on Flickr.

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