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Final recaps of the season:

Cross Country Running
The Cross Country Running team had a terrific season.  Each individual runner made significant strides in their own fitness and progress.  As a team, they supported each other, enjoyed each other’s company, and maintained a balance of hard work and laughter.  For most runners, this season was the first time they had ever run in a cross country meet.  They each took on the challenge with the normal nerves and butterflies, but pushed themselves to reach their personal best with each race. The runners always showed incredible sportsmanship as they cheered on everyone from all teams.  It was also a joy to welcome runners from other schools to our first cross country meet on the WMS campus.  Special thanks to our eighth year runner, Brady, for being a terrific leader throughout the season.  Many runners have found a new passion and acquired a life long sport.  Mimi and Nora were greatly impressed with each individual runner’s progress.  Great season runners!

Varsity Boys’ Soccer
The Boys’ Varsity soccer team had a season of growth and team work.  Each player improved their own individual skills, but most importantly, they worked incredibly well as a team with excellent communication, use of field space, passing, and trust.  Often the season record and individual game scores do not tell the story of players and team.  This is certainly true for this year.  As our coaches have noted, this was one of the most satisfying seasons due to the tremendous growth of the team.  When the boys played the game they are capable of, it was truly beautiful soccer.  The team worked magically together and were able to pull on each other’s strength with each game.  You all made this a proud and memorable season for Greg and Diego.  You should all look back at it with pride!

Girls’ Varsity Soccer
The Girls’ Varsity team had a great season with some challenging games which they stepped up to with confidence.  The team supported each other despite a tremendous variance in levels of experience.  They used the field well and came to develop an effective short passing game.  Mandy and Mark were impressed with the girls’ defensive development and ability to create and capitalize on offensive opportunities.  One of the delights for the team was being able to experience camaraderie with others who they may not usually share time.  This was certainly true for the girls team and lovely to watch.  Our four eighth year girls will be missed.  They were fabulous leaders on the team, and their additional support when playing in the boys’ varsity games was both appreciated and effective.  Great season girls!

JV Soccer
The JV Soccer team showed tremendous growth over the course of the season, both individually and as a team.  Their individual foot skills improved immensely; however, it was the team’s ability to use space more effectively that was so significant.  In addition, the players began to pull together as a team.  They have a strong competitive drive as a group which allowed them to play with heart and desire.  This was witnessed numerous times on the field.  The players need to use this competitive spirit to rally each other and allow the light to shine on each player’s individual strengths.  If they do this, they will be a remarkable team.  However, such a competitive spirit can be destructive if not harnessed properly.  The times when Mandy, Greg, Theo and Mark witnessed the team supporting each other were incredibly impressive.  We look forward to watching their growth in the coming years, as they have much to offer.  Great season JV!






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