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We are off to a fabulous start for the WMS Running Team! With twenty-four runners, we have a terrific group, and each individual brings positive energy and an enthusiastic spirit to the team. We welcome our new runners, including a great group of Fifth Year students, and are happy to see many returning runners. We spent the first few practices setting personal goals, discussing team expectations, and learning health and nutrition tips in order to take care of our bodies. Last week we ran both days in the Birch Hill cul de sac as we await the melting of snow and ice on Pat’s Track. This week runner made an impressive effort running to the top of Jack Corner Road for a spectacular view. We also ran at White Memorial on the boardwalk which all enjoyed. Everyone is supportive of each other and has already been inspired to push themselves beyond their daily goals.

Tennis has a terrific group of players of all experience levels. This week all twenty-two players brought a positive attitude and good spirit to practices. Wednesday and Thursday we were in the gym and rotated players through a variety of stations. Fitness was the primarily focus this week.  We have four new indoor Pickleball nets which have been a wonderful addition to our indoor tennis practices. The courts continue to be covered in snow and ice so we may be indoors again next week but are hopeful to get outside before too long. The coaches are excited about working with all the players this spring and already impressed with their focus and effort.  



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