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This year for our community read we have chosen the genre of the graphic novel. It is one that we feel will generate lots of good conversation in the fall. Please read one graphic novel from the Middle School Summer Reading List and come back to school in the fall with written observations about the difference between reading a graphic novel and a standard one. This can be a short paragraph.In addition, Middle School students are expected to read three other books over the summer. They may be from the Middle School Summer Reading List, but they do not have to be.

Upper Elementary students are required to read three books over the summer and return to school in the fall with a project on their summer reading. Please see theĀ UE Summer Reading List for details on summer reading assignments.

We suggest that parents keep their children reading through the summer. Lower elementary children are at a very crucial time in their reading development. ThisĀ Suggested Reading List will assist them in making appropriate choices. Summer reading at this lever should be fun and entertaining.