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WMSTEP is a Montessori teacher education program designed for adults working with early adolescents. Our goal is to give participants a solid background in Montessori philosophy, adolescent psychology, and the best practices of Middle School curriculum. Participants will be provided with the information and support necessary to design programs that meet the developmental needs of early adolescents, as well as the high standards of Montessori education.

This Montessori Middle School training program takes place over two summers, with a practicum year in between. During the school year, participants will gain classroom experience, complete a variety of reading and writing assignments, and research a topic relevant to their work. Participants will also attend two three-day seminars during the school year, and a weekend field-study during the second summer. Attendance at all classes is required.

WMSTEP has been designed by a staff with long experience in Montessori adolescent education. The Washington Montessori School, located in scenic Litchfield County, has run a successful program for early adolescents for over twenty years.

WMSTEP classes will be held at:

The Washington Montessori School
240 Litchfield Turnpike
New Preston, CT 06777
Phone: 860-868-0551


Summer I includes four weeks of course work :

July 7 — August 1, 2014

Classes begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. Summer I classes are followed by a sixteen-month teaching practicum in a Montessori adolescent classroom. Weekend retreats will be scheduled for two weekends during the 2014-2015 school year. WMSTEP staff will visit each participant in the course twice during the school year to provide support. A third and final visit will be scheduled after all requirements have been completed.

Seminar Retreats:
November 6—9, 2014
April 9—12, 2015

Summer II classes for participants who started the program the summer of 2013 will begin July 7, 2014 and continue through August 1, 2014.

The Montessori Middle School training includes the following courses:

1. Montessori Philosophy and Child Development
Instructor: Barat DelVicario

2. Montessori Elementary Overview
Instructors: Sheila Coad-Bernard & WMS Elementary Staff

3. Adolescent Psychology
Instructors: Tom Fahsbender & Mark Dansereau

4. Trends and Issues in Secondary Education
Instructor: Mark Dansereau

5. Organization, Structure and Operation of Montessori Secondary Schools
Instructor: Mark Dansereau

6. Curriculum Development:
Instructors: Bev Smith & Tom Fahsbender

7. Classroom Leadership
Instructors: Sheila Coad-Bernard & Mark Dansereau

8. Teaching Strategies
Instructors: Sheila Coad-Bernard & Barat DelVicario

9. Observation, record keeping and assessment:
Instructor: Sheila Coad-Bernard

10. Montessori Overview
An additional course in Montessori philosophy and early childhood will be required for students who have not earned a Montessori 9-12 credential.


Requirements outside of summer classes:

1) Sixteen month teaching practicum: 1080 hours in an early adolescent classroom.

2) Year long individual research project.

3) Journal and reading assignments during the practicum year.

4) Observation assignments.

5) Attendance at two three-day retreats

6) Erdkinder retreat during Summer II.

After completion of all course requirements, students will receive a third and final visit for certification.

Home stays will be offered to WMSTEP students on a weekly basis for the month of July. In addition, we have arranged group rates with several local inns and motels.

For more information please email scoadbernard@washingtonmontessori.org

$8000 including all fees and materials. Excludes cost of transportation and lodging for three practicum visits.

WMSTEP is affiliated with the American Montessori Society (AMS) 281 Park Ave South NY, NY  10010  (212) 358-1250  and accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) 524 Main St  Suite 202  Monument Square  Racine, WI  53403  (262) 898-1846.