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The Future Of Education Was Invented In 1906

It’s not every day that a discussion about cutting-edge technology education veers off to laud the Montessori methods. Perhaps that is why the following piece published at Forbes.com really caught our eyes here at WMS. We enjoyed its message and thought you our parent body would enjoy it as well.

Entitled “The Future Of Education Was Invented In 1906″, the article responds to a Wired.com feature about a teacher in Mexico who using “radical new teaching methods” transformed the primary school in a poor, rural town of Mexico. The article goes on to discuss the “hole in the wall” experiment in which a computer is left out for kids to try out. Without instruction, children would not only learn how to use the computer but also how to teach themselves things, like molecular biology, for example.

Contributing writer for Forbes, Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry admits ‘this story is inspiring and even, at times, moving.” But, he says, “here’s the thing: there is nothing new about it…In fact, the future of education was invented in 1906.” That’s the year Maria Montessori opened her revolutionary school.

Maria Montessori: guru for a new generation of business innovators

This article written by James Martin, as a special to The Globe and Mail, describes how Montessori alumni impact the business cultures of today:

Montessori: The Missing Voice in the Education Reform Debate
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Why we need to let kids be creative
This article was written by By Carolina A. Miranda of parenting.com. “The word ‘creativity,’ in our society, tends to be applied to artistic endeavors. But divergent thinking is an essential part of everyday life, whether it’s navigating office politics or devising a new social-media network,” she writes. Divergent thinking is something we stress here at WMS.

Montessori Transitions
This article was written by Dane Peters, Head of Brooklyn Heights Montessori School.

Montessori Mafia
This article appeared in the Wall Street Journal and was inspired by Ryan Sager, WSJ Commissioning Editor and a 1993 graduate of Washington Montessori School.

Montessori Madness
This video is a “fast-draw” animation of a talk by Trevor Eissler, Montessori parent and author of “Montessori Madness: A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education.”

Win-Win Competition
This article was written by Pat Werner, Head, Washington Montessori School. It was written in collaboration with Middle School Teacher Tom Fahsbender, Montessori colleague William Maier, Librarian Norma Mitchell and Board Member John Friedman.

Montessori 101
This article was written by  Tim Seldin, President of the Montessori Foundation, as found in Vol. 4. Number 4 of Tomorrow’s Child.

Hanging In With Montessori-Tough Times
This article was written by Tim Seldin, President of the Montessori Foundation.

Evaluating Montessori Education
An analysis of students’ academic and social scores compares a Montessori school with other elementary school education programs. By Angeline Lillard, professor of psychology at the University of Virginia.

Early + Often = Forever
The most important time for learning is in the early years of life.