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Washington Montessori School congratulates the members of the Class of 2018 for their high school acceptances and decisions. WMS is committed to helping children thrive academically and socially not only while they’re our students, but also when they move on to high school. It is important for us to help our students find their perfect match when it comes to high school so that they may continue to grow and mature as students and as individuals. In the past, our students have gone on to a variety of schools. Including local public schools, WMS graduates have been accepted at the following schools over the past 5 years:



Washington Montessori School is an engaging and substantive academic environment supported by a deeply-rooted and diverse community of families and educators. Our students learn to recognize their individual and collective potential, develop thoughtful approaches to learning, and choose paths to responsible and fulfilling lives. Read our entire Statement of Purpose

We know our students will become adults in a world radically different from the one in which many of us grew up. Their lives will be full of surprises, demanding dexterity and perseverance. In our minds, there is no greater responsibility to our children than to prepare them for this unpredictable future. That is exactly what Washington Montessori School has been doing for more than a half a century. Read more.

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All four soccer teams began their season Thursday. Click here to read about and see pictures from each game.

With only a few official practices under their belts, the WMS cross country team plunged into action at the Taft Rhino Run, an invitational-style meet with runners from all over Connecticut. Click here to see how our runners did and for pictures from the event.

We’ve compiled this list of Montessori-related media as a resource for both current and prospective families seeking to learn more about the Montessori Method. See the list.