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Washington Montessori School congratulates the members of the Class of 2019 for their high school acceptances and decisions. WMS is committed to helping children thrive academically and socially not only while they’re our students, but also when they move on to high school. It is important for us to help our students find their perfect match when it comes to high school so that they may continue to grow and mature as students and as individuals. This year’s graduates will be attending the following schools:

Washington Montessori School is an engaging and substantive academic environment supported by a deeply-rooted and diverse community of families and educators. Our students learn to recognize their individual and collective potential, develop thoughtful approaches to learning, and choose paths to responsible and fulfilling lives. Read our entire Statement of Purpose.


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Summer work encourages our students to maintain the skills they develop over the school year.

Though we expect students of all ages to continue to read and practice math skills throughout the summer months, we do have specific summer assignments at different levels. Please click here for further information on summer requirements.


We are excited to offer a variety of summer programs for children ages 3-11. Click here for dates and to register.

Interested in other area summer camp opportunities? Visit our Project Camp website for a list of great camps and a chance to save at least 10% on camps purchased.



We’ve compiled this list of Montessori-related media as a resource for both current and prospective families seeking to learn more about the Montessori Method. See the list.