WMS people

Sample Schedule for Candidates

Day 14:00 PMInterview with Board of Trustees
6:00 PMSocial Event with Board of Trustees
Day 28:00 AMWelcome & Curbside with David Newman, Interim Head of School 
8:45 AMMeeting with Administrative Team
9:45 AMTour of the School with Kerry Dorton, Director of Education
11:15 AMBreak
11:45 AMMeeting with Trish O’Reilly, Director of Development
12:30 PMMeeting with Search Advisory Committee 
1:30 PMLunch
2:00 PMMeeting with Jill Skilton, Director of Communications
2:45 PMMeeting with Laura Martin, Assistant Head for Enrollment 
3:30 PM Break
3:45 PMMeeting with Staff
5:00 PMBreak
7:30 PMMeeting with Parents and Alum
Day 38:00 AMMeeting with David Newman, Interim Head of School
9:00 AMMeeting with Carol Beebe-Mestel, CFO
9:40 AMMeeting with Erik Hawvermale, Director of Safety & Facilities
10:15 AMMeeting with Students
11:15 AMMeeting w/ Coco Sellman, Board Chair, & Rob Copen, Finance Chair
12:15 PMBreak
12:30 PMMeeting with WMS Search Committee