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Spotlight On Writing

Many of the activities in the lower school classrooms prepare children indirectly for the actual act of writing. Children not only learn the sounds and the shapes of the letters, but they need the fine motor control to direct the pencil accordingly. Handwriting is a skill that children work on all the way through the Lower School and Elementary years. Beginning with forming words using the Moveable Alphabet, students then use writing in all of their work. Whether they’re studying the parts of a fish or the countries in South America, putting pencil to paper and constructing the words provides constant practice at this important skill. At WMS, once the child has shown that they’re comfortable writing by hand, they are offered the opportunity to begin to learn key-boarding, usually around 3rd grade.  Through the Upper Elementary years, they use both hand writing and typing for their work, depending on the task at hand. As well, in Middle School, students write their papers for Humanities, Science Lab Reports and other major assignments on the computer, while they may translate Spanish sentences or write journal entries, for example, still by hand. We believe hand writing is a important skill for all children to master.

Here are a few articles we enjoyed about the importance of handwriting and cursive.

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