WMS people

Cross Country

It was another beautiful autumn day for the cross country team as they competed against five other teams at Rumsey.  Our first meet of the season was also at Rumsey and Nora, Mimi and Theo were all struck by the progress of each individual WMS runner.  Not only do their times continue to improve but, even more striking, is their ability to pace themselves, run with a relaxed stride, and with improved form.  Each runner’s endurance has increased remarkably and they now all take on a two mile race pushing themselves for a personal best time rather than just to finish the race.   The support that the runners provide for one another, as well as other teams, is always endearing and demonstrates their team bond and sportsmanship.  The Cross Country team is excited to run their last meet of season at WMS on Monday.  Come out and cheer them on!  Excellent work!