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MS Greek City-State Project

One of the highlights of WMS’s 8th-grade year is the Greek City-State Project. After learning about the history and culture of ancient Greece, this project challenges students to work in small groups to create their own historically-accurate, but fictional, Greek city-states, complete with all the institutions needed to ensure thriving communities—economic, religious, political and philosophical.

“The Greek city-state project is an example of the best kind of learning,” said Shelia Coad-Bernard, Head of Middle School. “Students internalize interesting and important factual information about ancient Greece, but then have to apply that knowledge to create something new.”

The Greek City-State Project ends with a feast prepared by the students, an oral presentation from all groups and finally a “Summit,” which is called after a “catastrophic event: affects the entire region.” Representing their own city-states, students must negotiate, problem solve and work together to rebuild their communities.