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LE Residency Performance — 6:30 pm

FRIDAY, MAY 1 — 6:30 PM

Each year, Lower Elementary students spend several months studying the culture, geography, history and peoples of a specific continent. The in-depth research culminates in a week-long residency and final performance. This type of focused and extended project helps students to develop their research and writing skills as well as to explore both similarities and differences of cultures other than their own.

This year, the Lower Elementary Artist-in-Residence is traditional dance historian and educator Kari Smith from Brattleboro, Vermont. The residency is focused on traditional ritual and display dances from Europe and will end Friday, May 1 (May Day!) with a celebration/performance at 6:30 p.m.. We are also going to be working with Nina Stern, a recorder virtuoso from New York Vity, founder of S’Cool Sounds and author of Recorders Without Borders. Nina will perform and work with all 3rd year recorder students.

Folklorist-historian and educator Kari Smith (PhD, MEd) has been teaching adults and children the various forms of display dance from the British Isles and Anglo-American traditions for more than 30 years. She is an adjunct professor for graduate programs in education at Antioch University and Lesley University where she teaches arts integration and anti-bias education. She regularly is on staff teaching all ages, and training teachers, at summer programs of the Country Dance & Song Society, and offers dance residencies in schools through the school year. She leads the community-based dance team Guiding Star Clog Morris, is a budding percussionist in a ceilidh band “The Old Swannabees,” and is researching and writing a history of English-style clog dancing in the United Sates with her friend and colleague Tony Barrand. She also is a diversity/anti-bias educator, offering staff trainings on gender diversity and gender-inclusion to schools and organizations.