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Parent Education: Q & A About Adolescents



Adolescence is a time of tremendous growth emotionally, physically and socially. Not only is it a difficult time for children but it can be a tricky time for parents too. Do you have questions about how best to stay off their roller coaster and support your child as they navigate this potentially-challenging time in their lives.

Our middle school teachers are experts in adolescent behavior; they’ve served as both formal and informal resources for parents for years. Three middle school teachers will be offering a discussion for parents curious about these tween years. While they’ll bring a few topics to the table, they are more interested in what you’d like to talk about, or questions that you want answered.

We ask that you submit topics/questions for consideration to Laura Martin via email or on paper at the front desk ahead of time.

This conversation is open to anyone, whether you already have an 11-14-year-old, or you will have one eventually. As well, you’re welcome to bring friends from outside the WMS community.