WMS people

2015 Polar Plunge

Thank you to everyone who showed their support for this event, all of the volunteers who made it happen and all of our generous sponsors.

Special thank yous to…

Our anonymous friend for their continued support and generous donation

Copes Waste Solutions, JRC Transportation, Karpas Strategies and MacDermid Inc. for being our Polar Bear sponsors

Rational 360 for being our Arctic Fox sponsor

B&D Controlled Air Corp, Compass Capital Management, The Hopkins Inn, Fox Crossing Equestrian, Lakeville Interiors, PBM, Trevenen & Coploff, LLC., Blink Productions and Zero Odor for being our Harp Seal sponsors

Emily Kent and Ania Hubbard for spearheading the event with us

Emily & Matt Kent for emceeing the event and bringing life to the polar bear at drop-offs

Vicki Fossland and Jami Weiner for manning the registration table

Kerry Dorton and Laura Martin for manning the beach entrance

Erik Hawvermale and Greg DeRosa for the heavy lifting leading up to and at the event

Linda & Mark Greenberg for supplying the coffee and hot chocolate and Alex McNaughton for making sure it all made it to the lake all warm and ready

Copes Waste Solutions for also providing the portable bathrooms

Mimi Gillen, Dominick Gillen and Meghan Morse for their lifeguarding expertise

Zoë Cameron for providing an epic playlist that had people dancing

Shane Mongar for playing the role of the Polar Bear AND taking the plunge

Ulrich Vilbois for capturing the moment from high in the sky!