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JV Soccer Game

The WMS junior varsity soccer team played their first game of the season against Duchess Day School. Our team took the field with a enthusiastic attitude. We had lots of players who volunteered to play goalkeeper. The team found their positions and the game began. Dutchess began with possession, scoring quickly. Our defense worked hard but unfortunately we were not able to get the ball out of our own side of the field very often during the first half. Dutchess’s relentless offense had us down by five. With some repositioning during the second half we were able to slow the pace of the game a bit. A couple of hand penalties inside of the 18 yard line put us further behind. The WMS team didn’t let the score get them down. I was proud to see the kids continue to want to play and have fun on with the game. It was a great game and energy, especially for those of you who have never played before. Keep up the good work.

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