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Parent Ed: Tuesdays with Tal


Modern living is complicated, and parenting in this age of anxiety can be stressful. We parents need all the support we can get. It truly does take a village. Fortunately for us at WMS, we have one!

Beginning on Tuesday, November 8, WMS will be offering weekly talks, facilitated by Tal Fagin, WMS mom and Martha Beck certified life coach. As a coach, Tal works with clients one-on-one and in group settings, helping others to pin-point and solve problems, and to devise and implement simple, time-tested strategies that help people live fuller, freer, more balanced and joyful lives.

Whether it is the stress of big transitions (birth, divorce, job changes, moving or school applications) or the day-to-day concerns of busy, multi-tasking parents or anything in between, Tal delights in helping others gain confidence, clarity and a sense of purpose in any situation. She has a unique gift at connecting with people in a meaningful way.

Tal is thrilled to offer her services to WMS, so please join us for one talk or all!