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Expert Symposium


One of the highlights of the 8th grade year at WMS is the Expert Project. This long-term research project requires dedication and organization, and no small amount of patience and hard work. The Humanities and Science teachers help students research, read their sources, make note cards, and organize their information. As drafts come in, they proofread papers and outlines, and help students define goals for revision. Students write letters to experts in their fields of research. This project concludes with the Expert Symposium, a formal public presentation. This year, the Symposium is slated for March 8 at 7 p.m. This is an exciting night to hear what the students have learned about, and to have a chance to ask questions about the topics.

This year’s topics include Science of Photography, PTSD, Fear and Phobias, Anxiety, Search for Extraterrestrial Life, The Origins of Language, The Science of Political Identity, Sports and Competition, The History and Science of the Automobile, The Placebo Effect, Sickle-Cell Anemia, The Science of Personality, Cloning, Sleep and Dreams, Artificial Intelligence, Psychopaths, Special and General Relativity, Hearing and Addiction.

This short film on the Expert Project, produced by 8th-grader Gabby Bruck in 2013, explains more about the project.