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Cross Country Meet


On an unseasonably warm fall day, WMS was host to its first home meet in several years on a new and—admittedly tough—course. Dutchess Day was the guest team and looked to be a good match-up. The runners took to the hilly, two-mile course with much help from the supportive parent cheering section. A Dutchess Day runner took the overall win, but the depth of the WMS team made for a tight race. Coleman, Stella and Regan came across the line in 2nd, 3rd and 4th before Dutchess Day grabbed 5th and 6th. The meet looked close, but then a parade of WMS runners crossed the line. Christos, Tate, Vivian, Julia, and Allie swept the next five spots. With the win sealed, the team was able to cheer Caroline and Phoebe across the line as they locked arms in a tie at the line. Rounding out our group were first-year runners Emmy and Riley who crossed the line hot and tired, but both smiling. Thanks to all the parents and family that came out to cheer on our team to a 24 to 35 win over Dutchess Day.

See photos from this meet on Flickr.