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Parenting, Unplugged


Whether our children are in YCC or applying to High School, they are our babies. We love them and we want to do our very best by them.  That much is always clear. What to do and how to do it, however? Sometimes … not so much! Whether it is the stress of big transitions or the day-to-day concerns of busy, multi-tasking parents (discipline, diet, device time, oh my!) or anything in between, we parents need all the support we can get.  It truly does take a village. Fortunately for us, at WMS, we have one!

These sessions are simply a safe place to gather, unwind and talk. Whether you speak up, or just listen, there is much to gain. Last year, topics covered included everything from self-care to improving family communications, from clarifying expectations to instilling values to increasing the joy in parenting. And much, much more! Participating parents inevitably feel a sense of relief when they find that whatever it is they are dealing with, they are not alone.

“Parenting, Unplugged” will be facilitated by WMS mom and Martha Beck certified life coach Tal Fagin. As a coach, Tal works with clients one-on-one and in group settings, helping others to pin-point and solve problems, and to devise and implement simple, time-tested strategies that help people live fuller, freer, more balanced and joyful lives.