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JV Soccer


JV vs. Rudolf Steiner
Our JV Soccer Team played a courageous game against Rudolf Steiner. Due to sickness and injury, our 11 players fought hard for the whole game without a sub. Evenly matched with Steiner, our bears were aggressive to every ball off the first whistle. In the first half, we were in our half of the field most of the time trying to contain their attack and pushing the ball outside the 18. Our Goalkeeper, Mason Leitz, faced numerous shots and make many key saves to keep us in the game. Our defense, lead by Mark Aguilar and Esmee Clew-Bachrach, showed significant improvement working on getting position on their attacking players and won a lot of their challenges. Steiner was able to break though on the outside and take a high shot over our keeper to take the lead. At the second half, we regrouped and rested, and came out aggressive. We were able to push our defensive line up the field more and create more attack as a team into their half. As tired as our Bears were, Coach Greg was proud of their courage to the final whistle. Ana Karpas and Layla Copen worked very hard to generate quite a few opportunities towards the end of the match with help from Lily Slepoy and Charlotte Blair on offense. Our outside midfielders and defensive backs had a lot of responsibility running up and down the field from defense to offense. Bodhi Walsh, Elena Chowdhurdy, Wyatt Lee, and Sydney Crouch were work horses out there. Even though we came up short in the end, it was a great match for our team with a lot of individual as well as team growth. Final Score: WMS 0, Rudolf Steiner 1 See pictures from this game on Flickr.