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UE Residency Week


2017 Cultural Residency of Aztec, Incan and Mayan Cultures.
The 2017 Cultural Residency offers fourth and fifth year a week’s sensory exploration and study of a sampling of the major ancient cultures of Meso and South America including the Inca, Maya and Aztec people.  Students will be rehearsing stories that provide a “jumping off place” to imagine life in ancient culture.  In addition, they will be scoring their production with original music arranged by the students using traditional Aztec rhythms and melodies from the ancient Mexican cultures, as well as building their own rainsticks.  Painting and crafting will round out the week’s study and provide the visual elements of the production which will include backdrops of significant images and architecture as well costume pieces.  There will be times for reading and exploring Math and Writing. In addition there will be a feast including squash, beans, corn tortillas, cacao beans and chapulines (grasshoppers!).  The week concludes with a sharing at 1:30 for the school and at 7:00 for the parents and community. All are welcome to attend.

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