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Soccer Games


Boys’ Soccer Away at Sherman
“I was so delighted to watch yesterday’s game,” said Coach Joel. “Our goalie Luke did such an amazing job keeping the team together and also protecting our goal.” Jack, Will, Graham, Oskar and Xander did an amazing job supporting Luke and the team. Our midfielders Nico, Jude, Theodore and Ben repeatedly set up some beautiful plays for our strikers Edward, Jaden and Ben who were able to score 4 goals throughout the game. Unfortunately our team made a few errors that allowed Sherman to score two goals on penalty kicks to put the final score at an even 4 to 4. Final Score: WMS 4, Sherman 4
See pictures from the game on Flickr.

Girls’ Soccer Home vs Sherman at 3:45 p.m.
The girls soccer team took on Sherman for their first home opener. WMS and Sherman played a strong competitive seventy five minutes. Sherman found the back of the net early in the game, which led WMS to keep pushing forward. Ana Karpas was able to score late in the first half to tie up the game. Sherman answered quickly with two more goals. WMS kept on fighting to come back, pressuring Sherman’s goalie and defense with multiple corner kicks. In all both teams tried their hardest and played to their strengths. “Our girls demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship, work ethic and positivity,” said Coach Julianna. “In all we are excited to see what this season brings for WMS.”
See pictures from the game on Flickr.

Coed Blue Soccer Away at Dutchess Day
Our coed blue soccer team played their season opener against a challenging soccer program up at Dutchess Day. It was the first soccer game for a few of our players and a challenging contest for our first match as a team. We played with 11 courageous players, with 3 absent from the contest. They pushed hard on the attack, forcing our defense—and, in particular, our goalkeeper—to work extra hard to keep the ball out of our 18-yard box. Dutchess broke through and found the back of the net a few times in the first half. Our Bears never gave up and fought on throughout the half. They had an amazing attitude and resolve. We regrouped at the half and came out with passion to score our first in the second half. Even though the game carried on in our opponent’s favor, our team began to find their footing in their positions. “With no subs all game and one injury bringing us a man down in the first half, I have to say how courageous and positive this group was altogether,” said Coach Greg. “I could not be more proud of this group and how much of a growing experience this was for our team.” Final Score: WMS 1, Dutchess Day 8
See pictures from the game on Flickr.

Coed Silver Soccer Home vs Dutchess Day
Our coed silver team played their season opener against a formidable Dutchess Day team. While the game was a very challenging first match for the team, each player demonstrated great sportsmanship and WMS spirit. Dutchess brought on strong offense and strong team plays that kept our defense—especially our goalie—working very hard.  WMS demonstrated great stamina. With only 13 players in total, many of them played the entire match. WMS brought back a strong rally in the second half, reinforcing positioning and improving placement and communication.  Although our opponents carried the game, our team had a strong finish keeping steady pace till the end and a good sense of their team formation and dynamic.

“For many of the players this was their first game and showed great courage and enthusiasm,” said Coach Heidi. “As always, the super parent and student body support was appreciated!”

See pictures from the game on Flickr.