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6th & 7th Grade Field Trip


Sixth and 7th Graders visited the Institute for American Indian Studies for a program called “Westward Expansion.” The program illustrates the fight for resources in the colonies from the perspective of both Native Americans and Colonists. Students explored how tribal economy and identity was impacted by westward expansion, how the lives of Connecticut Natives changed with the environment, and how climate shaped many Native cultures across the United States.

In the afternoon they went over to Arrow Point on Lake Waramaug to visit the Lake Waramaug Task Force zooplankton farm where these beneficial organisms are bred to combat the cyanobacteria that can be detrimental to the lake’s fragile ecosystem. Sean Hayden, Executive Director of the LWTF, and Kelsey Sudol, his research assistant gave students a history of the decades-long effort to improve the health and balance of our local lake.

See pictures from the field trip on Flickr.