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Coed Blue Soccer Away at Rumsey
Our 17 players played a hard fought game vs a strong Rumsey Hall squad on Wednesday. It was our first soccer day back from the outdoor ed week break. It took some time for our Polar Bears to find their bearings in the first half. We came out strong right off the first whistle and challenged every ball. Our bears have really grasped the first defender and second defender concept we’ve been working on since the beginning of the season. Everyone played a supportive role in their positions to contribute to consistent defending as a unit. We are learning how to keep our team shape in formation, both up and down the field. Our Bears are beginning to feel comfortable in different roles on the field, and that was very apparent during the game. Rumsey scored first about 15 minutes into the game, and kept up their attack throughout the first half. Our Bears regrouped at half time and came out stronger in the second half by scoring back two goals and never giving up. Our goal keeper Riley faced numerous shots all game, and made some remarkable saves. This group was very positive given the odds stacked up against them, and we are continuing to grow as a team. “I am very happy to see how much they all are learning and improving, both the new players and the experienced ones,” said Coach Greg. Final Score: WMS 2, Rumsey 7

See pictures from the game on Flickr.