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Basketball Games

WEDNESDAY, 12.12.18

Boys Basketball Home vs Dutchess Day
The boys basketball team kicked off the season with a resounding 42-7 victory over the visiting Dutchess Day School. A focused and active effort by our crew of experienced returning 8th Graders set the tone early. Ultimately everyone on the roster was able to contribute to a great team victory. The team will regroup for practice next Monday to prepare for two challenging away contests before the winter break.

Blue Basketball Game Away vs Dutchess Day
The blue basketball team took to the road for their first contest of the season. It was a good matchup and an exciting win to start off the season. Our Polar Bears started the game with some early game nerves, but as the game progressed, we found our footing. The score was back and forth throughout the first and second quarter. We dominated on rebounds and gained confidence in shooting. We also had difficulty on help defense with a few of their skillful players breaking through uncontested early on. We regrouped at halftime and improved defensively in the third period, protecting the key and double-teaming the Dutchess shooters. In the fourth, our offense really came together and we were able to put together some wonderful passes. We put up 3 unanswered baskets to take the lead and win the game. “This was a great start to our season and I am very proud of the way this group played,” said Coach Greg. “I look forward to building upon our early success moving forward.” Final Score: WMS 26, Dutchess Day 20

Girls Basketball Game Away vs Indian Mountain
The girls basketball team took on IMS at  their court in Lakeville. The game was an extremely active game, as it was both teams’ first game. The girls played hard, worked hard and executed some new plays through the game. Final Score: WMS 8, IMS 14