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MS Immersion Week

While the MS actors and stage crew spent the week putting the final touches on their performance of “The Wizard of Oz,” the rest of the Middle School had their own opportunity for immersion in projects of their choosing.

See pictures from the Immersion Week classes on Flickr.

Elizabeth led a “Traditional Handwork” class that introduced students to a variety of techniques such as sewing, knitting, embroidery and paperwork. Students imagined and completed their own individual and group projects while learning and perfecting these skills.

Annie and Lauren led students in a “Nutrition and Cooking for Adolescents” class which began with a study of the nutrient needs of adolescents. Students then prepared dishes using ingredients that would best satisfy those requirements.

Nora and Kresta led an “Engineering” workshop where 6th Years were introduced to the Design/Thinking process, while 7th and 8th Years elaborated on skills they were exposed to during the 2017-2018 Rube Goldberg/Simple Machines unit. Students worked independently, or in groups, to brainstorm ideas, sketch a plan, build a prototype, and finally test and refine their projects.

Tom led a “Woodworking” class in which students learned and practiced a variety of woodworking skills. Students built their own birdhouses and collaborated to construct a work table and bench for the new “Inventor’s Toolbox.”

Kylie and Melissa led a “Computer-Aided Design” class that allowed students to develop their computer coding skills and then apply them to actual everyday objects. Students used “Makey Makey,” a little circuit board that lets students turn anything—literally anything—into a computer key.


See pictures on Flickr.