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Doug Lyons Talk

Please join us in The Legacy Theater at WMS for a talk, by Douglas J. Lyons, Ed.D, Executive Director, CAIS (Connecticut Association of Independent Schools) on Thursday, May 9 at 8:45 a.m.

In the past two decades, dramatic advancements in neuroscience have given researchers a better understanding of how children, adolescents and adults learn. Scientists are discovering how memory works and what contributes to, or interferes with good memory function.

Two components of this research are particularly important for parents and teachers. These critical factors are: the role of emotion in learning and the impact of the school environment in developing the ideal graduate, defined as the life-long learner.

After 47 years spent working with students of all ages – from preschool to graduate school, Dr. Lyons will share research and personal anecdotes that illustrate the influences that shape a child’s journey from innocence to maturity.

Dr. Lyons has been the Executive Director of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools since July 2004. A graduate of Villanova University, Doug has Masters and Doctoral degrees from The University of Pennsylvania. He began his career in public education, serving for twenty years in the New Jersey public schools as a teacher, coach, school principal and Superintendent of schools. Dr. Lyons has taught students at every level of education: lower, middle and upper school, undergraduate and graduate school. In 1992 he left the Superintendency in Mt. Lakes N.J. to accept the position of Headmaster of the Greenwich Country Day School, Connecticut’s largest independent school. Dr. Lyons’ publications on education and on parenting have appeared in local, state and national journals and in the popular media, including Independent School magazine, The New England Independent School Guide, Executive Educator, Connecticut Magazine and The New York Times.