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Wednesdays at WMS: Montessori 101 with Pat

WEDNESDAY, 9.25.19 AT 8:45 AM

Maybe you’re new to WMS or maybe you’ve been here for a few years.  Either way, are you curious about the purpose of practical life? Do you wonder what sensitive periods are or why classes are mixed ages?  Join Pat for a brief but comprehensive explanation of both the basic principles and the value of Montessori Education.

(If you’re new to our community, Pat retired from her position as our Head of School in 2018. She joined WMS in 1975 as the school’s first LE teacher. There weren’t any models of what a Montessori elementary education could look like at the time; but Pat, with her particular fusion of vision, grit, loyalty and love, began transforming our small school into the extraordinary educational institution that is now itself a model for Montessori schools nationwide.)