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Jane’s Class Visits Bronx Zoo

See photos from the field trip on Flickr.

Kathy and Jane took their class to the Bronx Zoo on Thursday, October 3rd. The animals and exhibits at the Bronx Zoo span the globe.  With more than 700 species and 17,000 mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, the zoo is the perfect place to inspire and educate younger generations to become mindful of climate change and conservation efforts.  The Bronx Zoo is taking a leading role in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to set the standard for wildlife conservation.  They are involved in breeding programs with top international zoos and conservation groups to help re-establish endangered species, and to release them back into their natural environment.  The Bronx Zoo has become a springboard for conservation efforts across the planet enabled by teams of scientists, veterinarians, animals behaviorists, habitat specialists, and keepers.

The Bronx Zoo also affords our students a glimpse into the natural biomes of the world.  The zoo prides itself on providing animals naturalistic and innovative exhibits native to their natural environment.  Biome study is the basis of our Upper Elementary curriculum.  Biomes connect the world we live in, but also define and contribute to the diversity within cultures.  The Bronx Zoo enabled our students to see the biodiversity of plants and animals within a biome and the adaptations for success.

This trip was made possible, in part, due to a anonymous donor. 

We are extremely grateful for this extraordinary class experience.