WMS people

MS Conference Night

THURSDAY, 10.24.19 AT 5:30 PM

all middle school teachers will be available for short check-ins with the families of each student that they teach. 

– All conference slots are five minutes and there will be a notification to all rooms when it is time to switch. Hopefully, this will keep things moving efficiently. If your child has a teacher for two classes or you have two children with the same teacher, you can continue on for a total of ten minutes. 

– There are no signup sheets. You will be able to accurately assess wait times for teachers based on the five-minute slots so you will know just how long wait times for different teachers will be.

– Teachers will begin by asking you if you have any issues to discuss, please speak right up if you do. If you want an update and don’t have a pressing concern, teachers will be prepared to give you current information.

– Conference night is for parents to connect with classroom teachers, rather than advisors. If you would like to meet with your child’s advisor, please reach out to them and set up an alternative meeting time.

In order to help things move more efficiently we are suggesting these arrival guidelines:

5:30 Last names S through Z

6:00 Last Names M through R 

6:30 Last Names E through L

7:00 Last names A through D

 If you cannot make it during your slot but you are available at a different time that evening, do your best to make a trade with another family.

– Lauren Long will be available for Spanish conferences between 3:20 and 4:40 in addition to the evening slots. She has many parents to meet with so needs this extra time. If you can come in the afternoon, please email Lauren in advance so that she can let you know if there is still time available or whether you should plan on seeing her in the evening.

– There is no childcare provided for younger siblings on this evening. Middle School students who are not at home are invited to join a group in the library for a supervised study hall. Students should arrive prepared to work with whatever resources that they require. It is important to us that all children in the building are being supervised by an adult.