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2020 Winter Sports Updates

Coaches Jenn Bergin and Rob Hartnett

Overall we have had a great start to the season. The children are generally interested and engaged in the drills we have been working on to improve their skiing. The only challenge is the wide range of abilities and experience of the racers. It can be difficult at times to tailor the program to meet everyone at the right place in their progression. For most of the racers, this is their first time racing gates. Despite this, they have all risen to the challenge and don’t seem too intimidated by it all.

We have had one race so far this season and, as a group, the children did a great job dealing with the challenging conditions and timing problems. They all finished the racecourse and seemed to enjoy the experience. Some of them were quite nervous at the start gate, but we anticipate these nerves will diminish with each race we have this season. As the bulk of the races have yet to take place, we are looking forward to seeing how the remainder of the season progresses.

See photos of the ski team on Flickr.

Coach Mike Perkins

The WMS Boys basketball team has embraced the challenge of representing their school on the court against the top peer middle school competition in CT, NY, and MA. The team is built foremost on defensive effort and enjoys playing an up-tempo style of offense that takes advantage of their athleticism. The focus in the 2nd half of the season will be to continue improvement in half-court situations and building on our in-game experience. Please come and support the 7th and 8th years at an upcoming game.

See photos of the boys basketball team on Flickr.

Coach Grace D’Amico ’13

The girls basketball team has focused the first half of the season on developing both individual and team fundamentals, and their improvement can be seen in the added confidence they possess on the court during games. We will continue to develop our individual skills as the season progresses. Everyone on the team is an asset, and everyone has greatly improved. I have loved being able to coach these girls this season.

From Coach John Allee

The 6th year coed basketball team is off to a great start. All our players are fully engaged and excited to play. We’ve been working on basic basketball knowledge and skills, with lots to learn and lots of fun to be had. This is one enthusiastic team!

Game 1 – Home vs Dutchess Day. This was the perfect start to our season – an epic come-from-behind win! Down by 4 with a minute to go, instead of panicking, we calmly made two baskets, played great defense and sent the game into overtime…where we won by 6.

Game 2 – Away vs Mizzentop. Against a team with a dominant player, our team did not wither. With some crafty double-teaming and more clutch shooting we weathered the storm and came out on top.

Game 3 – Away vs IMS. Our toughest and best game so far. Against a tough team with taller players and skilled ball handlers, we held our own. Coming back from an early deficit, our team kept the game close and held on for a 3 point win.

Game 4 – Home vs Rumsey. With Rumsey in a rebuilding year, we were able to get our newer players lots of time on the court. It was a fun, confidence-building game.

See photos of the coed team on Flickr.