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Winter Solstice Celebration

The Winter Solstice celebration always takes place on the last day of school before winter break and recognizes the many ways in which the winter season is and has been celebrated throughout the world across different cultures. Though the ceremony varies slightly from year to year, there are certain aspects that remain consistent. The evergreen spiral that the oldest and youngest student travels through, the re-enactment of “The Friendly Beasts,” and the Storyteller are enduring parts of the ceremony.  This year, oldest student Layla and youngest student Graham walked the spiral together, and Wahied Helmy, Edward and Richard’s dad, was the Storyteller. Wahied was born and raised in Egypt and is also an Egyptologist who taught us about Egypt’s Temple of Karnak, which was constructed in perfect alignment with the winter solstice more than 4,000 years ago.

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