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Update May 31, 2020

Greetings All,

As we head into the final stretch of this school year and begin to incorporate emerging guidance from the state in our planning for the new school year, I am excited to focus on the connections characteristic of our Montessori foundation. Transitions can be hard for both children and adults and we are fortunate to belong to a community in which transitions are integral to our prepared environment–exceptionally honored and celebrated.  Although it often feels like the whole world is turned upside down, the core of who we are remains solid and familiar.  

This past week:

  • Class placements were carefully considered and communicated.
  • Sixth graders presented their wonderful family projects over Zoom.

Highlights to anticipate this week include:

  • Seventh Grade Hero’s Journey Council of Elders
  • Spring Celebration of Music
  • Field Day

In the final week of school, families can find connection and closure through:

  • Pack up and Pick up (Details of the schedule included in classroom communication)
  • Moving Up – Act 1
  • Eighth Grade Graduation – the focus of which–as with all Montessori programming–is on the child. I invite you all to tune into our commencement videocast (links to follow next week) for the broadcast of our eighth grade graduation speeches. 

As we look to the fall, we can all eagerly anticipate

  • A meticulously planned phase-in to help orient us all to the new year
  • An Opening Bell Ceremony incorporating our most cherished rituals with health guidelines in mind

I am so proud of all we have accomplished together this year, and excited for what we will create together as we plan for the future (more details to follow this week!)

All best,