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6/7 AB Outdoor Ed

The annual Outdoor Education trip is an important week for Middle School students, and though we’ve had to reenvision this year to accommodate  increased covid precautions, we are optimistic the week will continue to be a meaningful experience for MS students. Middle School cohorts will take turns traveling to Camp Hazen in Chester, Connecticut this year.

On the day after each cohort trip, you will have an “Asynchronous Learning Day,” working from home.  The 8th grade cohort will go to Camp Hazen on Monday and Tuesday; Cohort AB will go on Wednesday; Cohort CD will go on Thursday.  Friday, Oct. 9th, is an Asynchronous day at home for everyone. 

Camp Hazen follows the “Challenge by Choice” philosophy, in which the individual explores their own personal limits. Students are encouraged to take risks and step outside their comfort zones in an effort to foster personal growth and self-understanding.

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