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Friday Coffee Cart

January 15, 2021

We have now completed our second week of school in 2021 and all is well. The kids are engaged in their learning in the building and are able to get outside throughout the day for recess, PE or lunch. Yes, it is a little cold but the crisp air and the ability to run around a bit is welcome! I hope our at-home-learners are able to enjoy the outdoors as well.

In thinking about this week’s “Coffee Cart” it is difficult not to acknowledge that had we been able to share coffee and conversation together this week we would have been discussing the events in Washington—last week, this week and those to come. While the issues involve politicians and political rhetoric, for our kids they may be learning opportunities that are not necessarily attached to one political affiliation or another.  

As a school community we can listen and facilitate the inevitable learning opportunities. As parents, we may face a more difficult task at home where our children may be more willing to ask direct and personal questions, or share concerns. To that end, I have included a link with a couple of helpful tips. I’m sure, as parents, you all know what works best for engaging with your children but just in case you are looking for a resource.

Have a great long weekend.


David Newman,
Acting Head of School, WMS

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