WMS people

MS Trip Week

WEDNESDAY, 5.26.21
6/7 AB and 6/7 CD DROP-OFF AT 8:45 AM
6/7 CD PICK-UP AT 3:15 PM


The era of Covid, with its protocols, restrictions, and accommodations, has required that we reconsider what a class trip might look like. After some creative thinking and exploring a variety of options, we’ve come up with what we think is a good solution. To give us the most flexibility as well as safety, and yet provide a new environment and set of experiences, we’ve planned a series of events and activities for the Middle School cohorts to be held at Camp Washington. The staff at Camp Washington have invited us to their beautiful campus, which offers a variety of outdoor spaces and activities, a professional kitchen, and a whole range of facilities. During our time at the camp, we’re asking that parents drop off and pick up their children at the camp.