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Parent Ed: Mindful Language

WEDNESDAY, 1.12.22 FROM 8:45 TO 9:45 AM

Language is powerful. And powerful language can be simple, and full of compassion and empathy. What is even more powerful is MINDFUL LANGUAGE, especially with our children and at home. Mindful language is simply having an awareness to intentionally CHOOSE the words we use and to consider the impact they have on others. 

In this wellness workshop, Siri will begin by inviting participants to discuss communication challenges that we all may have with our children at home. She will then discuss some very simple and impactful ways to use language and mindfulness exercises to create clear communication between parents and children. This practice will help children feel empowered by what is communicated to them, and will also introduce them to the concept of mindful language as well. 

Mindful language is an evolving practice, and when we can include our children in the practice, we can learn and evolve together as a family. 

Siri Hoffman and her husband, Michael, have been part of the WMS community for 5 years with their daughter Svea (4th Year), Finn (2nd Year) and Liv (LS). She teaches and guides adults and children through conscious movement, yoga practice, breath work, affirmations, healthy eating, self-care, and the practice of simply paying attention.