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Parent Ed: Yoga & Mindfulness

TUESDAY, 11.30.21 AT 8:45 AM

Yoga at home does not have to be daunting, it does not need to be planned, and you do not have to have any yoga background to incorporate it at home with your children! 

In this wellness workshop, Siri will start with a short yoga practice for YOU to give you some time to reset your own body. She will then share ways to bring yoga into your home. These fun yoga tools will help you connect as a family and will help you teach your child body awareness and the ability to pause and reset when necessary. 

Siri Hoffman and her husband, Michael, have been part of the WMS community for 5 years with their daughter Svea (4th Year), Finn (2nd Year) and Liv (LS). She teaches and guides adults and children through conscious movement, yoga practice, breath work, affirmations, healthy eating, self-care, and the practice of simply paying attention.