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MS Science Work Days

MONDAY, 1.31.22 —WEDNESDAY, 2.2.22

Sixth- and 7th-grade students have been studying Simple Machines, including the concepts of work, force, and mechanical advantage, and have engaged in a variety of group experiments and demonstrations. Their study culminates this week as they embark on individual projects, incorporating their study of Rube Goldberg, an American cartoonist, sculptor, author, engineer, and inventor. Goldberg was most noted for his comical sketches of over-engineered, complex machines that performed simple tasks involving many chain reactions.  

Students will be challenged with creating an individual compound machine that incorporates at least three of the Simple Machines they studied in the unit and completes a simple task in the end. In designing and creating their models, students will be tasked with implementing the six-step Design Thinking process: Identify the Opportunity, Ideate, Design, Prototype, Test and Feedback, and Redefine.

Their work will culminate in a Rube Goldberg Exhibition where students will have a chance to show off their designs in action. The evening exhibition for parents will be by splits in order to allow for Covid-safe distancing.