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LE Residency Week

MONDAY, 4.4.22 —FRIDAY, 4.8.22

As part of their ongoing cultural study of the continent of Europe, Lower Elementary students will spend the week working with performers Celest Pietropaolo and Marie DiCocco, experts in the traditions, music and dance of Italy.

The children will explore the rich culture of Italy through the traditions, music and dance of the country’s 4 major regions—Northern, Sardinian, Central and Southern. The finale of their performance will be a carnival procession as would be performed in Southern Italy including a rendition of the Tarantella Montemaranese. (Tarantella is among the most recognized forms of traditional Southern Italian music, and folk dance. The Tarantella of Montemaranese is characterized by lively instruments, improvisation, singing and response, the use of a clarinet, and its unique “Y” formation.)

Students will share with parents what they learned throughout the week in a performance on Friday, April 8 at 6:30 p.m.