Our Mission


Washington Montessori School creates an inclusive and joyful environment, supported by a deeply rooted community of families and educators, where children embrace their individual and collective potential and prepare to live with integrity in a changing world.
The culture of our school community is based on respect, inclusivity, and collaboration. Working in partnership with students and families, teachers build trusting and long-lasting relationships. Mixed-age classes strengthen the experience, giving each child the experience of learning from others, practicing a skill to mastery, and then leading others. This approach enhances each student’s sense of belonging and facilitates optimal learning.
Our students learn to recognize their individual and collective potential, develop thoughtful approaches to learning, and choose paths to responsible and fulfilling lives. Students at WMS have a strong understanding of who they are and believe in their ability to contribute to the world in positive ways. Our graduates see life as filled with possibility and have a grounded perspective to find meaningful ways to grow and learn throughout their lifetimes.


We model and inspire… 

  • Independence: When given responsibility, agency, and freedom within limits, children develop resilience, confidence, flexibility, and self-reliance.
  • Belonging: Mutual respect, compassion, empathy, collaboration, and kindness build an environment of trust in which a diverse group of individuals can thrive. Montessori’s reverence for human potential inspires our unconditional positive regard for children.
  • Purpose: Our prepared environment creates space for children to be curious, creative, active learners who engage with their own education, pursue excellence, and chart their course in an evolving world. 


As a result, our students become lifelong learners who…

  • Thrive academically and personally, intrinsically motivated by the joy of learning 
  • Understand who they are 
  • Value other people, treating them with dignity and kindness
  • Believe in their ability to solve problems and contribute to the world in positive ways 
  • See life as filled with possibility