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Inquire & Visit


Now that you’ve explored our website, we invite you to come for a visit.  Visits are tailored to each family’s needs and interests. We encourage parents to come for a visit early in their school search process, as spending time with us is the best way to understand the WMS difference.

Mornings are an ideal time to see students during their regular work cycle, but we are flexible and willing to schedule visits at your convenience.  You’ll have the opportunity to meet students, tour our campus, observe classes, and speak with Laura Martin, Assistant Head for Advancement. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss all WMS has to offer as well as to hear about your child(ren) and your hopes for their education.

Please contact Laura Martin, Assistant Head for Advancement at 860-868-0551 or lmartin@washingtonmontessori.org to schedule a visit.