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Meet Our Students

Our students range in age from 18 months through 8th grade. (Many of our students are what we like to call lifers—students who begin in our Young Children’s Community when they are 18 months old and continue with us until they graduate 8th grade.)

Children leave WMS with the self-esteem and inner motivation they need to think and act independently and responsibly. We take advantage of children’s innate curiosity and ability to learn from their surroundings. WMS students learn at their own pace and discover academic interests on their own, stimulating their excitement for learning.

WMS students are motivated and independent individuals who leave fully prepared for the academic and social challenges of secondary learning. WMS students have gone on to attend a wide range of high schools including Brooks, Canterbury, Choate, Exeter, The Gunnery, Hotchkiss, Kent, Litchfield, Loomis Chaffee, Marvelwood, Millbrook, Miss Porter’s, New Milford, Shepaug, South Kent, Taft and Westover.

To see our students in action, visit the WMS Gallery.


Listen to our students tell you about their school.