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New Family Resources

Helping our new students and their parents transition as easily as possible into Washington Montessori School is important to the entire WMS community. At one point, each of us were new WMS parents too. We can relate to the challenges of becoming familiar with the community.

While the WMS Family Handbook is a formal guide to our school, there are additional resources available to help you feel at home.

The Road to Self-Reliance.
The entire program at Washington Montessori School is carefully planned and intended to support each child’s progression toward self-sufficiency and independence. To aid our collaborative effort as teachers and parents in promoting your child’s self-reliance, we thought it would be a useful tool to have a shared set of benchmarks guiding our expectations of our students both at school and at home.

Parent Education.
WMS is a source of support and education for parents, as well as students. We believe that educating children requires partnership and trust among teachers, administrators and parents. With that in mind, we offer a variety of parent education opportunities throughout the year, including WMS’s program offerings, as well as discussions and education about other relevant and timely parenting topics. All parent education opportunities are open to the public, so you are welcome to bring a friend or spread the word.

Montessori Resources.
We’ve compiled this list of Montessori-related media as a resource for both current and prospective families seeking to learn more about the Montessori Method. See the list.

Growth Mindset.
Research shows that parents can have a powerful impact on their children’s mindsets. “Mindset” is the point of view that we use to look at our intelligence or ability and establish our motivation to learn. How children see themselves as learners creates the mental environment that nurtures or stifles their effort when approaching a task. Read Pat Werner’s (WMS Head of School Emeritus) remarks on Growth Mindset and download a copy of “Say This, Not That.”