WMS people


What Area High School Admissions Directors Have to Say About WMS Graduates

“Our students from WMS are ready to LEARN. They are independent thinkers who know how to solve problems and find answers to questions they didn’t even know they had. They frequently take classroom discussion back to their room or to the dining hall, and seek to expand upon their knowledge through independent exploration.”

“We continue to be impressed by the WMS students who enter our school. They are confident, independent thinkers who are not afraid to take on challenges or step outside of their comfort zone. Best of all, the WMS graduates are respectful, open-minded and outstanding characters in our community.

“The students from WMS have always presented themselves well during the application process and seem to be very well-adjusted kids. They are more than ready for the next step in their academic career.”


What Area High School Teachers Have to Say About WMS Graduates

“WMS kids have a singular inquisitiveness and love of learning that makes them a pleasure to teach.”

“The WMS graduates I have worked with are some of the most creative, self-reliant thinkers I have taught. These skills will continue to be invaluable in an unpredictable, globalized 21st century world.”

“WMS students perform well at our school. They are thoughtful, responsible, and well-prepared to meet the challenges of our rigorous high school program.

“WMS students have such vivid personalities—they are so much themselves. It does not matter whether you are talking about lower el or middle school, you can always count on their uniqueness to shine.”

“The varied and balanced program at WMS creates young people who are ready to take on many different kinds of challenges.”


What Parents of Alumni Have to Say About WMS Graduates

“I think they all have a sense of comfort in the world and a sense of comfort in their own skins; an enjoyment of what life is about and what it has to offer; and a knowledge that they can engage with life and with what the world presents to them in a creative and fulfilling way.”