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Affording WMS

We believe a Washington Montessori School education is one of the most important investments you can make in your child’s formative years. Our students grow into accomplished, thriving young people notable not only for their confidence, abilities, and interests, but for the profound human connections they form. This is why we are introducing a new tuition model: Variable Tuition.

Our faculty and staff have embarked on a path of diversity and inclusion training, and in collaboration with the Board of Trustees, we are committed to socioeconomic diversity as a major goal. We want to partner with families in making a WMS education accessible to those who seek it, while also working toward school and community sustainability. We believe these goals go hand in hand.

Delivering a WMS education is resource-intensive but we want to change the paradigm and promote a culture that views tuition as a two-way conversation rather than simply an exchange of dollars and cents. We understand that each family’s financial circumstances are unique and are implementing this model so that finances will not be an obstacle to a child receiving an extraordinary education.

Variable Tuition enables all WMS families to educate their children as equal members of an economically, racially and culturally diverse community. The WMS Variable Tuition Program allows families to pay tuition that is commensurate with their financial situation. Tuition will fall in the ranges below:

Young Children’s Community Half Days: $5000 – $14,700*
Young Children’s Community Full Days:
$7000 – $21,500*

Lower School Half Day: $5000 – $14,700*
Lower School Full Day: $6500 – $21,500*

*Full tuition for YCC and LS students enrolled in five days of school. A four-day schedule is also available to YCC students. If you are interested in a 4-day week or a combination of half days and full days, for your YCC and LS children, please see this helpful chart or contact Laura Martin, Assistant Head of School for Advancement.

Lower Elementary: $7500 – $22,950**

Upper Elementary:  $7500 – $22,950**

Middle School: $9000 – $27,990**

**Full tuition for families who choose not to apply for Variable Tuition.

How Does Variable Tuition Work?
Families interested in Variable Tuition fill out an application with sss.nais.org.  The first deadline for both returning and prospective families to be considered for Variable Tuition is January 15, 2018. If you’d like to be considered after that date, please contact Laura Martin at lmartin@washingtonmontessori.org.

Step 1: Start preparing your 2017 Tax Returns as soon as possible.

Step 2: Submit the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) online at sss.nais.org by January 15, 2018
(Note: Parents/Guardians living in separate households must submit separate PFS forms.)

Step 3: Submit 2017 Tax Information to SSS by April 15, 2018 (New families must also submit 2016 tax forms by January 15.)

Admissions decision letters &  tuition notification will mailed in late February for all those meeting the above deadlines.

WMS will make its decisions based strictly on the recommendation of SSS. Unfortunately, WMS may not be able to award Variable Tuition to every student that qualifies for admission and variable tuition. As well, we may not be able to able to award Variable Tuition to every current family that applies and qualifies for it.