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Athletics Interscholastic Sports

Our Middle School program includes opportunity for students to participate in interscholastic competition with local schools. (In some cases, UE students are invited to participate as well.)

At WMS, we welcome all experience levels in sports. Our athletic program is a wonderful and supportive environment for students to try new sports as well as to improve their current skills. All MS students have the opportunity to be part of the team, work on individual development and experience competition. We believe team commitment is to be taken seriously. We also recognize the challenges that come with balancing sports, after school activities and academics. Students who are unable to keep up with their academic work while participating in sports will be asked to meet with his or her MS Advisor to formulate a plan that offers a solution. Students who are not meeting academic responsibilities may be asked to forego after-school activities and sports until they have demonstrated the ability to complete their work to the best of their abilities. The decision will be made by the individual student’s teachers and advisor. In addition, if a player needs to miss a game or practice the expectation is this will be communicated ahead of time. Communication is important to us and we expect players to communicate with coaches directly regarding conflicts or problems that arise.

Practices & Games
Middle School sports take place after school until 5 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Games and meets are on the school calendar. Unless otherwise noted, MS students should be picked up at 5 p.m. from the front entrance at WMS on sports days. (Some away games may have later than 5 p.m. return times.)

Uniforms & Gear
Players are responsible for all of their own athletic gear for games and practices. In addition, each player should have a personal water bottle. At the start of the season, players are given a WMS uniform that must be returned at the end of the season. Uniforms are the responsibility of the player. If players forget their uniform or gear for games or practice, they are expected to communicate with the coach or Athletic Director to make a plan. If a player is unable to participate for any reason, they are encouraged to support the team from the sidelines.

Medical Forms
Students must have all medical and permission to treat forms in to WMS in order to be able to participate in sports. Students who have not submitted forms are unable to practice until these are completed and turned into the school nurse. During the 2021 fall season, students must also take part in the school’s weekly Covid testing program in order to participate.