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Athletics_Physical Education

Physical Education classes begin in Lower School and continue throughout Middle School. The goal of our Physical Education program is to inspire our students for lifelong physical fitness, to prepare them for continuing sports experiences and to help our students develop healthy attitudes toward competition.

Lower School
Lower School classrooms (as well as the Outdoor Classroom) provide opportunities for the development of both fine and gross motor skills for students. In addition to these opportunities within the classroom, Lower School students have Physical Education classes with Dominic once a week. The goal for PE at this level is to teach essential body management skills—spatial awareness, balance and control—and to promote physical fitness as a fun, natural habit.

Lower & Upper Elementary
In both Upper and Lower Elementary, the focus of the PE program is to develop confident, healthy, self-reliant and fit students. Elementary PE classes are taught either by Greg or Dominic. The physical fitness program helps children learn about their bodies and understand the importance of healthy habits. Activities help students improve their endurance, strength, flexibility and agility. Motor skills are taught in a clear manner, and health and fitness are discussed regularly. Cooperative games develop the social skills associated with group or team experience. Students practice communicating with one another, using positive reinforcement, and contributing to the goals of the team.

Middle School
Health and fitness are important issues for Middle School students. For this reason, each student is asked to make a plan that includes some form of physical exercise three days each week. Students take one PE class during their school week and are encouraged to participate in after-school sports programs. MS PE classes are taught either by Greg or Dominic.