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Learning Support Services

WMS provides services to students who would benefit from additional support in making academic progress. Learning support services are provided to foster skill development and student independence in learning. Academic tutoring, sensory integration/occupational therapy and developmental language activities are provided based on the needs of the student.

Students participate in either individual or small group classes that emphasize the use and extension of the student’s strengths while assisting with improvement in areas of weakness. We also help him/her be able to learn independently and know when it is beneficial to seek assistance.

Placement is based on the student’s age, as well as, educational, and developmental requirements. Materials and equipment are gauged to the age and developmental needs of the individual student. The frequency of the services provided varies based on the needs of the student. LSS programs provide for activities to be integrated with the classroom assignments.

The use of technology is encouraged and used with just about every student in some way. Students have access to school computers, Alpha Smarts, or their own laptops. In addition the use of computer programs and, audio books is encouraged. Our learning support services grow and change with the advances made in research based learning programs.

Nationally normed testing instruments, curriculum based tests, check lists given to teachers and parents are all used to assist with the proper placement of a student in the program. Observation of the student’s ability to function in the classroom, as well, as testing is used for placement and to monitor progress. At times, additional information is needed and an evaluation by an outside source is recommended. Regular communication with parents and classroom teachers is a priority in evaluating a student’s progress and needs.

The primary emphasis is on an individualized program designed to help the student become an independent, lifelong learner. The use of multi-sensory and developmentally appropriate methods and materials foster the skills the student’s need to improve and strengthen his/her learning abilities.

There are additional charges for LSS services that are the responsibility of the parents. LSS Invoices will be sent through the WMS business office.